Discounts for obese Chinese in Chongqing restaurant

Great news for obese Chinese, in this restaurant in Chongqing, its lucky of you if you are overweight, as they offer large discounts in a new promotion.

According to the report, the restaurant is located in Guanyin Bridge, Jiangbei District in Chongqing. In front of the door of the restaurant, there is an obvious billboard with words “we care about the development of fat and skinny people” written on it!

As introduced, the fatter the male, the more value they can get. Conversely, the thinner the female, the more discount they are offered. For males, they can have free meals if they weigh over 308 pounds. For females, they have to weigh under 76 pounds to gain the free package. The rule is: the customer must be an adult and the total amount of the order should be under 888 Yuan excluding spirits and crabs.

There was a girl trying to win the free meal for her and friends. She was 1.5 meters tall and the weight scales showed that she was 89 pounds, which got her a 51 percent off discount on the meal. She said that normally her weight is about 76 pounds and the change of weight may be due to that she had been eating on the way. Also, a young boy won the free meal with his company because the weight scale reached the upper limit of 220 pounds. The owner said that presently the restaurant didn’t have other weighing scales with a higher upper limit. If the customer reaches the limit of the scale, he wins even he doesn't weigh over 308 pounds.


The promotion will last until the end of December. Then how many people will have enjoyed the buffet without paying? To this question, the representative replied subtly: “According to our research, adult females weighing less than 76 pounds is a rare case, and adult male weighing more than 308 pounds is not common as well.”

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