ATM machines let you draw 10 Yuan notes will be widely available by the end of the year

In the coming spring festival, citizens can save the incredibly long queue time to withdraw change for the customary “HongBao” (Red envelopes with money given at Chinese new year). Yesterday, Mr Li Min, vice president of the Guangdong Branch of China Construction Bank, promised that at the end of the year the full coverage of 10 Yuan note ATM machines will be completed, and citizens can have this convenient service in all the branches of major banks. Up until now, most of ATM machines in China have only dispensed 100 Yuan notes.

According to the documents of the People’s Bank of China, prior to October this year, all major banks should provide 10 Yuan note ATM machines in 50% of their branches, and by the year-end the coverage should be extended to all branches. This is good news for the vast majority of people who put 10 or 20 Yuan notes in their “HongBao”. They can avoid the incredibly long waiting time to get change in the bank.

Mr Li Min said that 10 Yuan note ATM machines are a good move for the government to offer convenience to citizens. So far in November 30th in Guangzhou area, China Construction Bank has already reached 70% coverage of 10 Yuan ATM machine. It is to be believed that the goal of full coverage is not very far and can be achieved by the year-end.

However, some pointed out that the upgraded machine looks exactly the same as the old machine, lacking a clear sign and it’s necessary to use the machine to know which one can dispense smaller notes. Mr Zhou Yun, a professor from South China University of Technology, suggested that the bank should have done a better job at promotion and direction.

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