Challenge the Guinness! A man uses his hip to skip with a rope

Everyone knows how to skip with a rope. A student, from Xi’nan University, however, is able to use his hip to jump instead of legs.

According to the report, he is a junior student studying gymnastic degree course in Institute of Physical Education. He said this originally came from traditional acrobatics performance. Then some of the foreign skipping lovers practiced this odd phenomenon as well and mixed it into fancy rope skipping. Nevertheless, they are of course minorities so not many people know this. Last march, he came across the video in which a candidate used the hip rope skip to challenge the Guinness world records, which had greatly interested him. “I think it is pretty fun and it can strengthen my waist,” he said.

At the initial practices, his hip was chafed and bled many times. Even after treatment, it had to take a whole month to recover. Although he got hurt time and time again, he never gave up and kept on going. Right now, his speed has increased a lot since his first practice. “My butt is calloused already. It still aches all the time,” he said with a bitter smile.

So far public reports suggest that Mr Watanabe Zhenminori hit the world record of hip rode skip with 66 times in a minute in Hong Kong in 2006. 

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