115 dragon boat race teams competed in the Pearl River for the Dragon boat festival of 2015

On 27th June, 2015 Guangzhou International Dragon Boat invitational tournament was held in the Pearl River in Guangzhou, with 115 dragon boat teams competing, performing, drawing an audience of tens of thousands to watch along the rive side. The teams are from nearby Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Foshan, Hong Kong, Macao and also foreign counties; Australia, Canada and America, consisting of 12 traditional dragon boats, 69 standard dragon boats, 29 colourful dragon boats, 5 floating dragon boats and over 4300 athletes fighting for the champion title of the river. Although there was a short period of sun shower during the competition, the citizens were still cheering with passion for the wonderful and intense dragon boat race.

According to reports, Guangzhou International Dragon Boat invitational tournament has been successfully held for more than 20 years and it is always considered one of the most important races in Guangzhou. Despite the high temperatures, they were feeling excited and many of them tried to capture the moment by using their mobile phones and cameras. “It is super! I heard of Guangzhou is a modern big city, but never imagined that their traditions are very well reserved and attractive.” Said Mr Song, a tourist traveling to Guangzhou with his little daughter.

One of the highlights of the race is the mix of foreigners joining the Chinese traditional race, a combination of teammates from United Kingdom, Russia, France, Hungary, Jordan and Nepal etc. It has been said that this team has over 16 years history and they always join different kinds of international dragon boat tournaments, making all teams strong and very competitive.

Of course, the show of colourful dragon boats is essential and amazing at the same time. This year, there was a wide variety of colourful dragon boats, and the ideas of the performance are originated from traditional Chinese stories such as “Journey to the West”, “The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea” to “A Dream of Red Mansions” and “Lotus Lantern”. Plus, apart from the typical decorations, flowers, fireworks, lighting etc. new style representations were added to represent the coming and the transition of the new age, regarded as one the attractive quality of the events and highly applauded for the innovative response to modern generation, giving a perfect ending to the tournament. 

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