Fake plant on your head? The new fashion in China!

Recently, across China, there is a fad that plastic decoration in the shape of vegetables, flowers and fruits are placed on the head. Several months ago, when the trend started, the headwear was just a small and ordinary  plant. However, now this new “fashion” has spread all over the China like wildfire. Now, the types of the decoration are plentiful. Especially during the crowded National Day holiday, you can see people wearing clovers, sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, mushrooms and any type of plant you can think of! In response to this trend, there are different voices: some think it is very cute, while others say it is a childish behavior.

The strange thing is that no one really knows why it is happening. The wearers and vendors give several confusing answers: it could track back to ancient doctrine of integration of heaven and human; it might be related to preschool TV show Teletubbies; it might have relationship with to environmental protection. Wanghao, who is wearing a “clover” on his head, says: “Nobody knows what it means. But anyway we just do it because it is fun.” This reflects that the internet in China not only push to spread all kinds of fashions, rumors and ideas, but also offers chances of making money from trends like this.

Qiu Chuanghuan, a college student says: “Typically Chinese won’t freely show their personality to the public. However, nowadays, we are willing to be open-minded and glad to be different.” At the moment, there are a huge amount of online sellers selling these pretty hair clips at low price. Also, on the streets near the attractions, vendors are trying their best to promote them to the tourists. Li Jinhua, a vendor busy selling the hair clips around The Forbidden City, thinks the decoration may invade the whole world later. “Does your country have this as well? It will definitely show up there later on.”

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