Post-1980's couple quit jobs to travel around China

“The reason why we decided to travel around China at the age of 28 is because we don’t have much to worry about. Our parents are healthy enough to live without us and we don’t have children and mortgage,” said Jiang Lingchuang, who is living a stable life but always wishes for freedom and longer time to travel. 

On Oct.1, he rode his motorcycle with his girlfriend Yanzi back to Chengdu, which is the final destination of his near one-year trip. After 5 days, the couple arrived at Guang’ang and visited Jiang’s parents. Surprisingly, although they didn’t tell anything to their parents regarding the plan of travelling around China beforehand due to the fear of not being allowed, the parents showed their understanding of the youth’s dream and didn’t blame this on them. Instead, the parents felt relieved that they were still safe and sound after the unbelievable adventure.

Last November, the post-1980's couple determined to quit their jobs and kicked off the trip from Chengdu with a plan to travel around China by motorcycle. After completing the trip, they had been on the road 313 days, covered 39,236 kilometers and stayed in more than 100 cities.

When Jiang was a little boy, he always dreamed of travelling across China. During his childhood, he could always hear the delightful sounds from the nearby train station where the magnificent steam trains used to roll in. “I was often thinking about traveling to other places by the train to see the outside world.” In 2012, Jiang Lingchuang met his partner Yanzi during a trip and after then they kept in touch with each other. They entered a relationship after 2 years and soon had the idea of traveling around China. Afterwards, they both quit their jobs and prepared the trip. The journey cost them 140,000 yuan, which all money was earned by themselves. “The travel makes my dream come true and is also a witness to our love,” Jiang said.

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