Obama look-alike becomes famous in China

Xiao Jiguo, a Chinese man who looks very much alike to the president of United States Barack Obama, went viral on the internet during President Xi’s visit to United States. In fact, he has never thought that he would get involved with Obama one day. Currently, his main career is trying to imitate Obama.

Xiao, from Sichuang, went to South China’s Guangdong Province at the age of 16. He has worked at various jobs, from working as a waiter in a restaurant to a security guard in a plant. He said that at first he wanted to be a singer since he was fond of singing. To make the dream come true, he had joined various competitions across China, but unfortunately he had got eliminated in all the contests. The transition to actor happened due to a performance at a famous reality show in China. In the show, he acted like he was the president of United States. Soon after the show, he started to receive offers to act in some films.

Right now, the 29 year-old man often makes appearances as an Obama impersonator to make money. When he talks, he always mixes a real English and fake English because he doesn’t speak English well. “My English is bad. So when I have to say something in English, I tend to make it up,” he said. Thanks to the recent sensation, he got another job opportunity as a spokesperson in Fujian Province and signed a new three-year contract with an entertainment company.

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