Girl sells “good night” messages to strangers

Jiumei, who just gave birth, is operating the only coffee shop in Changzhou Island, Guangzhou. Three years ago, the fast-paced, high-intensity work had tired her out and she was lonely. An idea of saying “good night” to strangers suddenly came into her mind, and she decided to add a new item on her Taobao shop - good night messages. In some sense, she thought this could relieve her loneliness. Now she has firmly quit her job of more than 200,000 yuan salary annually, and decides to live a slow-paced life on the beautiful island, selling coffees and also “good night” messages.

“I am practicing sleeping earlier. It might be still too early for you though. Good night, outlander.” In the early midnight at nearly two o’clock, Jiumei sent a good night wish to a Chinese man working in Saudi Arabia. The client contacted her via Wechat, buying 30 days good night wishes from her. “I want to tell myself, no matter in which way, at least someone is still thinking of me on this planet,” he said. Jiumei understood the loneliness he felt. Three years ago, because of the same reason, she made a decision of selling “good night” messages. 

In 2010, before graduation she started to work in women’s clothing company in Shenzhen. “I usually got very tired at night and wanted to talk to someone.” She then found out that she had become alienated from her old friends. Meanwhile, she didn’t want to spread the negativity to her parents. “Everyone has a forest where no other one can go; maybe even himself. The forest symbolizes something related to loneliness.” Jiumei suddently thought of those who share the same feeling with her. Two years later, she began to sell “good night” messages to strangers and it was quite a success. She didn’t treat the strangers as a client but a friend. “I know lots of people are selling good nights online. But I don’t take it as a business. You can’t really make money from it as it is quite cheap. Also, you have to put real passion and emotion into the message and do as the client wishes. For me, I merely think it is a channel to relieve loneliness and to understand it more” she said.

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