3700RMB falls from the skies in Beijing!

Yesterday morning at around eleven o’ clock, an air-conditioning worker was repairing air-conditioning on the fifteenth floor of the inhabited area which was located in Chaoyang district, Beijing. He was too careless to hold on to his cash and dropped 3,700rmb on the first floor. Luckily, Passers-by helped him to pick up the money and gave all the money back to the worker without loosing anything.


According to witness statement, at nearly half past eleven, he passed by the gate of Lugangjiayuan park, it was raining slightly. Suddenly many sheets of red papers fell on the ground nearby. To his amazement the red papers were in fact 100-RMB notes! Around 15 floors up at the balcony, someone had installed air conditioning and that the money did not accidentally fall. He said: “it seems like some money was falling on the top of the house, passers-by and guards helped to pick it up”.


Yesterday afternoon, property staff verified that someone really lost his money at the balcony on the fifteenth floor. Guards and passers-by picked up the 3,500 rmb together, and the guards went to the roof to pick up another two hundred RMB. A total of 3,700 yuan fell from the roof. The owner said thanks and left.



Original from: Chinadaily.com

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