Mayor of Sydney says: The Square Dance in Guangzhou is worth learning and she will try to migrate it to Sydney.

 Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore and her followers discussed how to best encompass the priceless “square culture” in Guangzhou to Sydney after visiting Flower City Square in Zhujiang new town. “Square dance is a way to enlighten people’s life and make the city different from Sydney; we will introduce this excellent culture to communities and citizens back home”. 

“There are many beautiful public areas for rest in Sydney, if people are willing to come to these places, they are successful” she thinks that public area's and square are an important part of city culture. We need to inject dynamism and vitality in order to make life colorful and peaceful.

Moore says: “The square culture in Guangzhou is very special and she will try her best to migrate it to Sydney. Dancing on the square is a way to make life full of positive energy. And will benefit our local citizens grately”.


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