Privacy Policy for Teaching China registrants

Our site-wide privacy policy for all registrants on

1. All registrants including both Employers and Candidates hereby agree to this policy when registering an account and by using the service agree to be bound by the following. By registering with us you consent that you have read, understood and agree to the terms set out in this document.

2. Information entered must be accurate, complete and genuine at the time of application.

3. Teaching China is an intermediary between applicants searching for a job and employers searching for applicants. Teaching China does not interfere, follow or guarantee contracts, communication and dealings between employers and candidates. It is the responsibility of either party to ensure they legally adhere to the local laws and regulations within the area of employment.

4. Applicants and employers must immediately inform us of any misuse of the service including malpractise or illegal proposals. Teaching China will in a timely manner, remove and block unsuitable users, ip addresses and mac addresses where appropriate.

5. All data is held on servers secured in the USA. Data held may be deleted at request by e-mailing us from the e-mail you used to register an account.

6. We reserve the right to request additional verification of ownership of accounts at any time.

7. Employers are only allowed to register 1x account per legally registered company.

8. Applicants may only register 1x account per person.

9. Teaching China reserves the right to withdraw, remove, update or block any posted content which is in breach of our terms, unpaid ads and/or deemed innapropriate for the site at any time. In case of deleting innapropriate paid ads, Teaching China will issue a full refund in all cases where money has been paid.

10. The service remains free for applicants and will continue to be free for as long as possible. Our vision is to offer free, reliable and genuine recruitment services for anyone seeking employment anywhere in the world.

11. We request all users of this service use it appropriately, legally and more importantly to offer a clean, reliable and useful service for job seekers and employers. We encourage our users to alert us as soon as possible for any actions, content or posts which are not inline with our vision.