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"Hello,I want to know how many ads and CVs are put on your website everyday?"

Posted: 31-05-2017 06:47
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"I have master's degree in mathematics and have an experience of 10 years in teaching mathematics, Is it possible to get a math teaching job in china? I am from Nepal."

Posted: 23-04-2017 12:01
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"Hi... I am from Uganda, with 2 degrees from USA, in mathematics major, i have a 3 year working experience. could i get a mathematics and physics teching job in china?"

Posted: 30-01-2017 14:06
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"Hi.....I am an Indian and came here in October. I am ph.d in chemistry and searching for a teaching job here in xiamen. I have two years experience of teaching bachelor's and master's students in university. But I am not able to find any job here because I am not a native English speaker. Can I get job here ?"

Posted: 16-01-2017 05:24
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"I am a Jamaican with 7 years of teaching and living in the US. I also aquired my Masters in the US. I have also developed curricula with a university and a charter school. Can I get an online teaching job?"

Posted: 18-10-2016 02:00
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"Hi, i'm from Nigeria and i hold a degree in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology, can i get a good Computer related teaching job even though i can also teach ESL?"

Posted: 09-05-2016 22:07
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"can central Asian people who can speak english very well could teach in kindergarden"

Posted: 07-04-2016 13:12
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"can Indian teacher apply for ESL teaching job in China?"

Posted: 17-03-2016 20:30
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"Hello, I have CELTA certificate and a high English proficiency but I have no BA and I am Mexican, am I able to apply?"

Posted: 14-02-2016 21:56
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"I'd like to start working as an English teacher in June-August. Is it suitable time?"

Posted: 07-02-2016 20:55
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"i am not a native english speaker but have 16 years experience teaching english language to high school students and have produced good degreed and have a dipolma in from i qualify to teach in china"

Posted: 02-01-2016 17:50
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"Please how will i know if a school has accepted my application?"

Posted: 24-11-2015 14:25
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"is there an upper age limit for an applicant.? For example would a retiree be considered?"

Posted: 19-10-2015 19:11
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"It would be nice if we could get the salary´s value\amount in dollas."

Posted: 18-10-2015 18:47
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"I´m Brazilian, but I have lived in the USA for 6 years. I have a teaching degree. I´ve got my teaching degree in Minneapolis- MN- United States. I have 2 children, and I have been teaching for the past 23 years. Great experience working with children and teens (2 years old-15 years old) Could I get a teacher position in China"

Posted: 18-10-2015 18:42
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"hi. If I am employed for a specif educational institution in China and I have the ability to teach English . Can I have a part time job for different school ?"

Posted: 17-10-2015 13:11
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"Finding kindergarten job.I want to teach english.I have no ITELS or TEFL it possible for me?"

Posted: 28-01-2015 16:03
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"i have no experience in teaching so can i apply any kindergarten? "

Posted: 28-01-2015 15:59
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"Is it good to work in second and third-tier city in China?"

Posted: 07-11-2014 01:46
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"Do I need to register residence in China?"

Posted: 03-11-2014 03:52
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"Can I have a Chinese driving license if I got an international driving license?"

Posted: 31-10-2014 01:23
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"What is the difference between z visa and f visa?"

Posted: 30-10-2014 05:29
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"Can I exchange Chinese Yuan to foreign currency?"

Posted: 29-10-2014 01:21
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" I am an exchange student in China. Can I find a part-time job here?"

Posted: 28-10-2014 02:07
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"How is the weather in Guangzhou? How does it compare with Beijing?"

Posted: 27-10-2014 01:45
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"i hold engineering degree and teaching grade 10 mathematics at a very well renowned school. im from Pakistan. excellent English skills. can i get any job in Beijing?"

Posted: 23-10-2014 18:18
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"Can I bring my family with me to China?"

Posted: 23-10-2014 01:47
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"What is average salary of ESL teacher in China?"

Posted: 22-10-2014 08:30
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"I am Zimbabwean with a bachelor degree and a 120hr TEFL certification will i get a visa to teach english as a foreign langauge in china"

Posted: 12-10-2014 19:19
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"I am a real native english speaker , I have lived in the u.s.a all my life , I want a job in china as an english language teacher , I do not have a teaching degree and I have no teaching experience , I speak perfect english . Can u get me a english language teacher job i china ???? "

Posted: 29-08-2014 17:24
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"well, whenever i apply for job in any organization then i received a confirmation mail ...but i don't know why my TEFL status always remain "

Posted: 28-08-2014 03:41
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"Yes... I Have reference letter from my institute.. so do you have any position for me as non-native speaker then please you must let me know and if comfortable for you then chat with me on skype ,,,my skype id: shabi.hassan89..............thanks."

Posted: 28-08-2014 03:24
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"May Is there any vacancy for me as i am non-native speaker"

Posted: 27-08-2014 14:11
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"My name is shabi ul hassan and i am Pakistani nationality holder.. well, i have Bachelor's of commerce degree.. also i have Basic TESOL certification course."

Posted: 27-08-2014 14:09
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"Hello, I am a native English speaker from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, a 120 hr TEFL Certificate and my only teaching experience consists of teaching Adult Literacy. Do you think I would be able to be sponsored a Visa to work in China?"

Posted: 21-07-2014 16:35
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"do you know a school called Dokyo Saitama high school in Japan?"

Posted: 05-07-2014 17:49
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"where do I get the documents needed to work in Japan?"

Posted: 05-07-2014 17:42
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"do u know anything about Asian Traveling Agency Company?"

Posted: 05-07-2014 17:38
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"are teachers from Lesotho allowed to apply"

Posted: 30-06-2014 10:49
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"What is the process to apply for jobs on your website?"

Posted: 23-05-2014 04:36
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"May I open a bank account in China?"

Posted: 13-05-2014 07:52
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"Will I have enough money to support myself when teaching English in Shenzhen, China?"

Posted: 12-05-2014 02:20
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"Is there someone to meet me at the airport when I first arrive? "

Posted: 08-05-2014 08:19
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"What is my responsibility as an ESL teacher in China?"

Posted: 08-05-2014 08:04
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"Hi! I am a Non-native English teacher, but I finished my University English teacher degree in my country, could it be difficult get a job in China for this reason?"

Posted: 08-05-2014 07:36
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" I’m looking for a teaching job in China and a school accepted my application in Foshan. I want to ask how is the public transport in Foshan? I don't like to teach in very remote places. "

Posted: 08-05-2014 07:11
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"Where can I find more information about teaching and life in China, I never been to China before."

Posted: 08-05-2014 07:02
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