Teacher CV's - looking for jobs in China

Teachers Looking for jobs in China

Paul Michael Nash

Paul Michael Nash british in Active within a day

Chynna Reigh Willard

Chynna Reigh Willard USA Active within a day

Max Bobetsky

Max Bobetsky british in Changsha, China Active within a day

Carl Roberts

Carl Roberts British in UK Active within 6 days

Chris Odendaal

Chris Odendaal South African in Active within 7 days

Penelope WEDDELL

Penelope WEDDELL British in Active within 7 days

Glenn Bennett (looking for jobs again)

Glenn Bennett (looking for jobs again) USA in Giuyang, China Active within 7 days

Henrique Schulz

Henrique Schulz in USA Active within 7 days

Jeffrey Huber

Jeffrey Huber USA in Liaoning, China Active within 8 days

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks British in Active within 8 days

Lisa Green

Lisa Green Australian in Indonesia Active within 8 days

Samuel Worton

Samuel Worton British in UK Active within 8 days

Kai Williams

Kai Williams in USA Active within 9 days

Tyron Connor Wilson

Tyron Connor Wilson british in UK Active within 10 days


Yanko YANEV british in UK Active within 10 days

Janine Castle

Janine Castle south african Active within 10 days

Ntsako Rikhotso

Ntsako Rikhotso in South Africa Active within 10 days

Taylor Ackman

Taylor Ackman USA in Active within 13 days

Michael Jutras

Michael Jutras Canadian in Nanjing, China Active within 14 days

Sithembiso Ngubane

Sithembiso Ngubane South African Active within 14 days

Brendan Dimitro

Brendan Dimitro USA Active within 15 days


ASUQUO DANIEL UDOH USA in Luoyang, China Active within 15 days

Abdelouahed OULGOUT

Abdelouahed OULGOUT other in Morocco to be discussed Active within 18 days

Cody Bush

Cody Bush USA in Cambodia Active within 20 days

Danielle Butrum

Danielle Butrum USA Active within 20 days

Robbie Stanners

Robbie Stanners British in UK Active within 21 days

Andreana Medina

Andreana Medina USA Active within 22 days

Reggie Mckenzie (Jobs in Guiyang)

Reggie Mckenzie (Jobs in Guiyang) USA in Guiyang, China Active within 23 days

Eric Bradach

Eric Bradach USA Active within 24 days

Ban Jieming

Ban Jieming Canadian in Chengdu, China Active within 24 days


ANDRIANA COBBOLD New Zealand Active within 27 days

Patrick Simmons

Patrick Simmons USA in China Active within 27 days

Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell British in Colombia Active within 27 days

Matthew Ross-Thompson

Matthew Ross-Thompson British in UK Active within 29 days

George Newman

George Newman British in UK Active within 29 days

Emily Carew

Emily Carew British in Philippines Active within 29 days

Martha Lane

Martha Lane British in Active within 34 days

Lavinia S. Yocum

Lavinia S. Yocum USA Active within 35 days

Alyeska Pierce

Alyeska Pierce Australian in Vietnam Active within 36 days

Nicholas Dulepski

Nicholas Dulepski USA Active within 36 days

Dawn Krueger

Dawn Krueger British in UK Active within 37 days

Jason Sarkozi-Forfinski

Jason Sarkozi-Forfinski USA Active within 37 days

Rebecca Wynne

Rebecca Wynne USA Active within 38 days

Sean Pasek

Sean Pasek USA Active within 42 days

Anna Grzywa

Anna Grzywa Irish in Ireland Active within 42 days

Justin Pyfrom

Justin Pyfrom USA in Chongqing, China Active within 42 days

Callum Sweet

Callum Sweet British in UK Active within 43 days

Che' Middlebrooks

Che' Middlebrooks USA Active within 44 days

Lalitha Sengsommaly

Lalitha Sengsommaly USA Active within 44 days

Rick Duff

Rick Duff USA in South Korea Active within 45 days

OThembele Fortunate Ngubane

OThembele Fortunate Ngubane South African Active within 49 days

Lucinda Porter

Lucinda Porter USA Active within 50 days

Ashley Del Vecchio

Ashley Del Vecchio Australian in Netherlands Active within 51 days

Tyler James Parnell

Tyler James Parnell USA in Vietnam Active within 51 days

Valerie Sitnik

Valerie Sitnik USA in Italy Active within 52 days

Gayathri Vijayakumar

Gayathri Vijayakumar Irish in Ireland Active within 52 days

Sabina Moyo

Sabina Moyo British in UK Active within 55 days

David Diaz

David Diaz USA Active within 57 days

Daniel DeArmond

Daniel DeArmond USA Active within 58 days

Jason Steven Jowett

Jason Steven Jowett Australian Active within 62 days

Nada Cohadzic

Nada Cohadzic USA Active within 63 days

Arun Passi

Arun Passi Canadian in Canada Active within 63 days

Jeremy Lignelli

Jeremy Lignelli USA Active within 64 days


MAURICIO CARRASCO Canadian in Chile Active within 65 days

Jordan Munsey

Jordan Munsey USA Active within 65 days

William George

William George USA Active within 66 days

Beth Maxwell

Beth Maxwell British in Vietnam Active within 69 days

Lavender Hathaway

Lavender Hathaway USA Active within 69 days

Matthew Reed

Matthew Reed British in UK Active within 69 days

Marcus James Woolley

Marcus James Woolley British in Taiwan Active within 70 days


OLIVIA KOR Canadian in Canada Active within 70 days

Amber McDonnell

Amber McDonnell british in UK Active within 71 days

Saba Shakir

Saba Shakir british in UK Active within 72 days

Alyssa Bryant

Alyssa Bryant USA Active within 73 days

Caleb Ingate

Caleb Ingate Australian Active within 73 days

Jaycob Sandbrook

Jaycob Sandbrook new zealand Active within 76 days

Cullen Diehl

Cullen Diehl USA Active within 76 days

Hayley Fitzsimons

Hayley Fitzsimons Irish in Ireland

Michael Threatt

Michael Threatt British in Dalian, China

Darian Myers

Darian Myers USA in Fuzhou, China

Victoria Auguste

Victoria Auguste Canadian in Canada

Keenan Kleinsmith

Keenan Kleinsmith South African

Melanie Starkey

Melanie Starkey British in UK




MARK RUST British in Poland, Europe


Poloko south african

Alex Nash

Alex Nash British in UK

Olivia Grace Anderson

Olivia Grace Anderson USA

Martin De'Ath

Martin De'Ath British in UK

Holly lee

Holly lee USA

Hazel Nugent

Hazel Nugent British in Netherlands, Europe

Miko Holt

Miko Holt USA

Kevin Kaiser

Kevin Kaiser USA

Mark S Abramson

Mark S Abramson USA

Zimasa Maka

Zimasa Maka south african

Grant Oddoye

Grant Oddoye UK


Nisha British in Germany

Todd D. Goldfinger

Todd D. Goldfinger USA


ミラノ・明蘭 カナダ in 日本 正々堂々

Briana Stroud

Briana Stroud USA

Ailis Edwards

Ailis Edwards British in UK

Steve Edwards

Steve Edwards British in UK

Renira Naidoo

Renira Naidoo South Africa

Elizabeth Rench

Elizabeth Rench USA



Benjamin Page-Cresswell

Benjamin Page-Cresswell New Zealand

Joshua Perkins

Joshua Perkins British in UK

Andrew Tillotson

Andrew Tillotson USA in Baotou, China

James Scott Schumann

James Scott Schumann USA

Mike Rosenfield

Mike Rosenfield USA

Matthew Krug

Matthew Krug USA in Jiangxi, China

Benjamin Kallish

Benjamin Kallish USA in Saudi Arabia

Georgia McCourt

Georgia McCourt British in UK

Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard USA

Marty Popoff

Marty Popoff Canadian in Canada

Meghan Quinn

Meghan Quinn USA

John Cussons

John Cussons British in UK

Anastassia Mokhova

Anastassia Mokhova Canada in South Korea

Bridget M. Borer

Bridget M. Borer USA


MICHAEL CORREIA Canadian in Canada

Maya Kassam

Maya Kassam Canadian in Canada

Sara Mash

Sara Mash Canadian in Abu Dhabi, Middle East

Ciarán Murdock (high school / College positions)

Ciarán Murdock (high school / College positions) Canadian in Chongqing, China

Abbey Henry

Abbey Henry USA

Robert McElligott

Robert McElligott Australian

Giulia Michieli

Giulia Michieli USA

Maria Mercado

Maria Mercado USA

Kitty Sharp

Kitty Sharp USA

Sabrina Nunez

Sabrina Nunez USA

Adam Robey

Adam Robey British in China

Samuel Gottfried Lacks

Samuel Gottfried Lacks british in UK

Kristen Hall

Kristen Hall Australian



Emma H.

Emma H. USA in Thailand

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright Canadian in Canada

John Elijah Bathula

John Elijah Bathula other in India Negotiable

Jeremy Waterson

Jeremy Waterson British in United Kingdom 2000USD

Mark McCready

Mark McCready UK

Brian Richey

Brian Richey USA in Saudi Arabia

Amna Jamal Mansour

Amna Jamal Mansour British in UK

Jacob Robinson

Jacob Robinson USA in France

Brent Lewis

Brent Lewis USA

Michael August Sartini II

Michael August Sartini II USA

Jeffrey W Seal

Jeffrey W Seal USA

Sami Serrag

Sami Serrag USA in Costa Rica

Judissa Martinez

Judissa Martinez USA


Majid other in Tehran

John Meyer

John Meyer south african

John Harder

John Harder Canadian in Canada

Ian Campbell-Jones

Ian Campbell-Jones america in United States 30,000 yuan or higher

Claudia Nadine Katarina Simpson

Claudia Nadine Katarina Simpson British in Fuzhou, China

Warwick Young

Warwick Young South African

Padraig Sperrin

Padraig Sperrin Irish in Ireland

Benjamin Dewan

Benjamin Dewan British in UK

Isabel Dieste

Isabel Dieste USA

Andy Buhr

Andy Buhr Canadian in Shandong, China

Frederik Skaarup

Frederik Skaarup Canadian in Spain

Khai El Baba Jones

Khai El Baba Jones Irish in Ireland

Na'im Eggleston

Na'im Eggleston USA in South Korea

Tanner Sewell (Certified Teacher)

Tanner Sewell (Certified Teacher) Canadian in Canada

Sarah Czajkowski

Sarah Czajkowski british in UK

Daniel Ibarra

Daniel Ibarra USA

Joi Kerr Walker

Joi Kerr Walker USA

Tyler Michels

Tyler Michels USA

Joe Jameson

Joe Jameson USA

Talia Glanville

Talia Glanville british in UK

David Nicholls (Nanjing only)

David Nicholls (Nanjing only) British in Nanjing, China

Cory Walker

Cory Walker USA

Chris McLea

Chris McLea South african

Sheryl Sonia Singh

Sheryl Sonia Singh USA

Chantel Kalil

Chantel Kalil South African

Larbi Bayti

Larbi Bayti Moroccan in Jeddah , KSA negotiable

Robert Stevens

Robert Stevens USA

Genesis Antunez

Genesis Antunez USA

Darragh Slowey

Darragh Slowey Irish in Ireland

Jeremiah Icarus Hay

Jeremiah Icarus Hay British in UK

Elizabeth Fleming

Elizabeth Fleming Canadian in Canada

Pam Fitzpatrick

Pam Fitzpatrick South African

Mark Kevin Wade

Mark Kevin Wade Canadian in Canada

Angelina Gizzi

Angelina Gizzi Canadian in Canada

Brandon Heikoop

Brandon Heikoop canada 30,000 RMB/month



Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray New Zealand

Giana Bakanos

Giana Bakanos USA in UK

Martin Sam Yamoah

Martin Sam Yamoah other in Ghana 1100USD

Christopher Hay

Christopher Hay New Zealand

Neil O'Donnell

Neil O'Donnell Irish in Ireland

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker USA

Robert A. Tubbs

Robert A. Tubbs USA

Laura G Sweeney

Laura G Sweeney USA

Kati Spite

Kati Spite USA

Clare Holstein

Clare Holstein USA in Spain


Jenni-Lee other in Namibia 25 000

Aaron Guy Leroux

Aaron Guy Leroux USA

Niall Quinn

Niall Quinn Irish in UK

Mia Moreno

Mia Moreno USA

Stephen Michael

Stephen Michael British in UK

Stephanie Caine

Stephanie Caine British in UK



Mark Darling

Mark Darling USA

Jose Stovell

Jose Stovell British in UK

Milad Khodabandeh

Milad Khodabandeh Iran in Tehran up to 18000 RMB

Sabina Currie

Sabina Currie Australian

Jasen Hines

Jasen Hines USA in Japan

Mar Labyed

Mar Labyed Irish in Jiangxi, China

Alice Mpholo

Alice Mpholo south african

Benjamin Spill

Benjamin Spill British in UK

Valentina Goodman

Valentina Goodman USA

Simon Kelly

Simon Kelly USA

Stuart Anderson Mack

Stuart Anderson Mack British in UK

Idriss Hannat

Idriss Hannat USA

Renie Ofoegbu

Renie Ofoegbu USA

Daniel Etter

Daniel Etter USA in south korea

Jason Colina

Jason Colina Canadian in Canada

Thomas Raymond

Thomas Raymond USA in Thailand

Atilay Elmas

Atilay Elmas Canadian in Canada

James Rood

James Rood British in UK

Luis Aroche

Luis Aroche USA

Richard Jonathon Zucker

Richard Jonathon Zucker USA in United States 30,000 RMB/Month

Caroline Huffman

Caroline Huffman USA

Martin Aitken

Martin Aitken British in UK

Hazel Doran

Hazel Doran British in UK

Richard Larder

Richard Larder British in UK

Charlie Kayrouz

Charlie Kayrouz Australian

Guy McDonald

Guy McDonald USA

Alexis Lamb

Alexis Lamb British in UK


TOM MERCER British in Australia

Kristen Bond

Kristen Bond USA

Jeffery S. Lowe

Jeffery S. Lowe USA

Abraham Alexander Klapp

Abraham Alexander Klapp USA

Patrick Fallon

Patrick Fallon USA in South Korea

Chelsea Toczauer

Chelsea Toczauer USA

Dan Kieffer

Dan Kieffer USA

Andriy Dyachenko

Andriy Dyachenko USA

Rachel A. Weishaupt

Rachel A. Weishaupt USA in Uzbekistan

M. Royce Kinnison

M. Royce Kinnison USA

Naveena Yates

Naveena Yates British in UK

Mahyar Maleki

Mahyar Maleki British in UK

Chiniqua Cozart

Chiniqua Cozart USA

Stephanie Bock

Stephanie Bock USA

Rachel Burgess

Rachel Burgess British in UAE

Duduzile Dlamini

Duduzile Dlamini south africa in Johannesburg South Africa +R15 000



Banetta Hicks

Banetta Hicks USA

Helen Warner

Helen Warner UK

Mthulisi Sikhala

Mthulisi Sikhala South African

Alisha Bacchus

Alisha Bacchus USA

Nyla Chaudhry

Nyla Chaudhry USA

Justice Khunou

Justice Khunou South Africa

Jai Hoyt

Jai Hoyt British in UK

Prof. Dr. Bash

Prof. Dr. Bash Sri

Louise Brown

Louise Brown Canada

Safiya Moorad

Safiya Moorad British in France

Jackson Morrow

Jackson Morrow USA in UK

Kevin Garrison (Jobs in Dalian)

Kevin Garrison (Jobs in Dalian) USA in Dalian, China

Thomas Brian Donnelly

Thomas Brian Donnelly USA

Michelle Kim Bell

Michelle Kim Bell South Africa



Nicole Rei Solis

Nicole Rei Solis Canadian in Canada



Morwenna Rees

Morwenna Rees Irish in UK


GEOFF HOUSE Canadian in Canada

Karla Alanis

Karla Alanis USA

Rene Soto

Rene Soto USA

Denisha Lawton

Denisha Lawton USA

Ruel Recio Baylon

Ruel Recio Baylon Filipino in Philippines 35000 CNY

Natercia Martins

Natercia Martins British in Spain, Europe

Meron Getahun

Meron Getahun USA

Fon Darryl Asaah

Fon Darryl Asaah other in cameroon 35000

Neal Myers-Perry

Neal Myers-Perry USA

Abbie Swanson

Abbie Swanson USA

David Robertson

David Robertson USA in Saudi Arabia

Jeffrey Fisher

Jeffrey Fisher USA

Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor British in UK

Joshua Card

Joshua Card USA

Richard Ryan McGarvey (No BA)

Richard Ryan McGarvey (No BA) USA

Victoria Mundell

Victoria Mundell USA

Darren Healy

Darren Healy Irish in Ireland

Demetrius Nisbet

Demetrius Nisbet Australian

Rory Voie

Rory Voie USA


MELISSA RILAUVEN Canada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1,500 us month

ADENIYI Omolola Helen


Anika Van der Merwe

Anika Van der Merwe South African

Richard Loria

Richard Loria USA


Darby in

Michele L. Welty

Michele L. Welty USA

Lilionnah Hahn

Lilionnah Hahn USA in UAS

Noelle King

Noelle King USA

Brad Beller

Brad Beller USA

Nate Carey

Nate Carey USA in Nanjing, China

Kenneth Beech

Kenneth Beech Canadian in Canada

Pierre Charles Lamain

Pierre Charles Lamain New Zealand

 Amy Possart (Xiamen jobs)

Amy Possart (Xiamen jobs) British in UK

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian USA in Japan

 Thomas Otto

Thomas Otto USA in Vietnam hing

 Kourtney Williams

Kourtney Williams USA

Ryan Kane

Ryan Kane USA

Krystal Thompson

Krystal Thompson USA

Charles Shell

Charles Shell British in UK

Izabella Hayes

Izabella Hayes British in UK

Sid Khanna

Sid Khanna Canadian in Germany

Douglas MacKay

Douglas MacKay Canadian in Canada

James Mullarkey (couple)

James Mullarkey (couple) Irish in Ireland

Lucas Rudy

Lucas Rudy USA in Italy

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman British in Bulgaria, Europe

Priyanka Moodley

Priyanka Moodley South African 10000 monthly

Parya Nouri

Parya Nouri other in Iran 60000 $ monthly

Wayne Atkinson

Wayne Atkinson South Africa in Liyang, China

David Clive

David Clive British in UK

Naaman Adam Kisby

Naaman Adam Kisby Irish in Ireland

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones British in Taiwan

 Claudia Anta

Claudia Anta British in UK gual



 Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler Australian /ESL

 Rachel Bird

Rachel Bird British in UK

Sara Markin

Sara Markin Canadian in Canada

Kerry van Schalkwyk

Kerry van Schalkwyk South Africa

Karen Kay Remus

Karen Kay Remus USA

Anthony Ellis

Anthony Ellis Australian in Cambodia

Tucker Owen

Tucker Owen USA

Paul McCallum-McKay

Paul McCallum-McKay British in UK

Alec Harmon

Alec Harmon USA

Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor USA in South Korea

Sean Alexander Dennison

Sean Alexander Dennison British in UK

David Kilbride

David Kilbride Irish in Ireland

Laura Urquhart

Laura Urquhart USA

Amelia White

Amelia White Irish + USA (couple) in Chongqing

Elizabeth Ware

Elizabeth Ware British in UK

Justin Bennett

Justin Bennett USA

Kozan Yilmaz

Kozan Yilmaz British in UK

Lindokuhle Phila Hadebe

Lindokuhle Phila Hadebe South African

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff USA


John-Charles South Africa

Kali Derra

Kali Derra British in UK

Lorenzita Santos

Lorenzita Santos USA in Chengdu

Erin Herriford

Erin Herriford USA

Charles Somerville

Charles Somerville Irish in UK

Seth Ervin (+ Wife)

Seth Ervin (+ Wife) American in USA

Stuart Tilley

Stuart Tilley British in Hungary, Europe

Nyoli Scobie

Nyoli Scobie Australian in Sri Lanka

Bobby Flood

Bobby Flood USA

Stephen Matheson

Stephen Matheson New zealand in Philippines


Lolita JEHENNE British in UK

Michelle Josselyn

Michelle Josselyn Australian in China

Daisy Ingrey

Daisy Ingrey British in UK

David Baptiste

David Baptiste Canadian in Shenyang, China

Kathy Calderbank

Kathy Calderbank British in UK

Alexandra Maynard

Alexandra Maynard Canadian in Canada

David Stone

David Stone British in Nantong, China

Lyana Bell

Lyana Bell British in UK

Jacob Benjamin

Jacob Benjamin Australian

Jennifer Zabala

Jennifer Zabala American in Guam $20-$30 hourly

Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall USA

Evan Wix

Evan Wix USA

Sian Madge

Sian Madge British in UK

Nathan Tulppo

Nathan Tulppo British in Harbin, China

Anna Michailidou

Anna Michailidou British in UK

Nicole Sankey

Nicole Sankey USA

Max Humpf

Max Humpf USA

Daniel Krawetz

Daniel Krawetz Canadian in Canada

Steven Scholl

Steven Scholl USA in Changchun, China

Adam Smolinski

Adam Smolinski Canadian in Canada

Declan Havlicek

Declan Havlicek USA

Shelby Elkins

Shelby Elkins USA in Italy

Madelyn Kloske

Madelyn Kloske USA

Stephen Archibald

Stephen Archibald British in Spain

Kathleen Medvetz

Kathleen Medvetz USA

Rocío Hernández Arias

Rocío Hernández Arias Spanish in Spain 14k

Victoria Pujdak

Victoria Pujdak USA

Cynthia Needham

Cynthia Needham USA

Georgina Temperini

Georgina Temperini british in UK

Jesse Daner

Jesse Daner USA

Jessica Felsky Schmitt

Jessica Felsky Schmitt British in Brazil



Charles R Serrano

Charles R Serrano USA

Callum Patterson

Callum Patterson UK

Cameron J Wallick

Cameron J Wallick USA

Daniel Baxter Jackson III

Daniel Baxter Jackson III USA in UAE

Thomas Alatti

Thomas Alatti British in Qingdao, China

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark USA in Thailand 15-20,000 per month


Komla Iranian in Turkey we can talk later :)


PAUL JOHNSTON Irish in Northern Ireland Nogotiable

Craig Gines

Craig Gines American in Harbin minimum 20k

Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung Canadian / Hong Kong Residence in Shenzhen or Hong Kong 20K

Muhammad Waqas Danish

Muhammad Waqas Danish Pakistan in Lahore 10000-20000 RMB

Anna Lypovetska

Anna Lypovetska Ukrainian in Ukraine min 14000 rmb


ARTUR TSATURYAN Armenia in Zhengzhou negotiable

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub other in Lahore 15000RMB

Saeesh Nayak

Saeesh Nayak Indian in Bangalore, India 15000 RMB ($ 2000)

Constantine Korniliou

Constantine Korniliou British in Liverpool, UK Any

Kazi Ajab Khan

Kazi Ajab Khan other in Malaysia 14k to 16k

Thierry Massihians

Thierry Massihians Belgium in Mexico

Nicholas Capretta

Nicholas Capretta U.S. in California 20,000 rmb

Iraklis Styliaras

Iraklis Styliaras Greek in China 12000EUR / Year

Nathaniel Jupe

Nathaniel Jupe British in China

Keyvan Noroozi

Keyvan Noroozi other in Turkey-Izmir -

Jill Stephen

Jill Stephen british in Turkey

Mary Brown

Mary Brown American 20000-25000

Mark Free

Mark Free canada in Foshan 25USD / hour




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