Teacher CV's - looking for jobs in China

Teachers Looking for jobs in China

Lindokuhle Penny Malinga

Lindokuhle Penny Malinga South African Active within a day


RACHAEL UMBERGER USA Active within a day

Solange Salandy

Solange Salandy USA Active within a day

Claudia Nadine Katarina Simpson

Claudia Nadine Katarina Simpson British in Fuzhou, China Active within a day

Bradley Gackowski

Bradley Gackowski USA Active within 2 days

Isabel Dieste

Isabel Dieste USA Active within 3 days

Emma Jane Kanis

Emma Jane Kanis British in UK Active within 3 days

Khai El Baba Jones

Khai El Baba Jones Irish in Ireland Active within 4 days

Na'im Eggleston

Na'im Eggleston USA in South Korea Active within 4 days

Tanner Sewell (Certified Teacher)

Tanner Sewell (Certified Teacher) Canadian in Canada Active within 4 days

Steven Millan

Steven Millan USA Active within 7 days

Nolwazi Gwala

Nolwazi Gwala south african Active within 7 days

Jordyn Steig

Jordyn Steig USA in Wuhan, China Active within 9 days

Daniel Ibarra

Daniel Ibarra USA Active within 10 days

Mariam Aomar Perez

Mariam Aomar Perez British in UK Active within 12 days

Joi Kerr Walker

Joi Kerr Walker USA Active within 14 days

Joe Jameson

Joe Jameson USA Active within 15 days

Talia Glanville

Talia Glanville british in UK Active within 16 days

Robert Draper

Robert Draper USA Active within 16 days

Emily Parolin

Emily Parolin Canadian in Thailand Active within 17 days

Sheryl Sonia Singh

Sheryl Sonia Singh USA Active within 22 days

Larbi Bayti

Larbi Bayti Moroccan in Jeddah , KSA negotiable Active within 22 days

Genesis Antunez

Genesis Antunez USA Active within 22 days

Darragh Slowey

Darragh Slowey Irish in Ireland Active within 22 days

James Paisley

James Paisley Australian in Vietnam Active within 23 days

Angelina Gizzi

Angelina Gizzi Canadian in Canada Active within 25 days

Brandon Heikoop

Brandon Heikoop canada 30,000 RMB/month Active within 29 days

Courtney Muir

Courtney Muir USA in Xiamen, China Active within 30 days

Leandi Lessing

Leandi Lessing South African Active within 31 days

Christopher J Newell

Christopher J Newell USA Active within 31 days


JOSHUA FIVELAND USA Active within 31 days

Jonathan Gray

Jonathan Gray New Zealand Active within 32 days

Martin Sam Yamoah

Martin Sam Yamoah other in Ghana 1100USD Active within 35 days

Christopher Hay

Christopher Hay New Zealand Active within 35 days

Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris South African Active within 36 days

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker USA Active within 37 days

Ildiko Olasz

Ildiko Olasz British in UK Active within 39 days

Helen Costelloe

Helen Costelloe Irish in Ireland Active within 40 days


Jenni-Lee other in Namibia 25 000 Active within 43 days

Aaron Guy Leroux

Aaron Guy Leroux USA Active within 43 days

Mia Moreno

Mia Moreno USA Active within 45 days

Milad Khodabandeh

Milad Khodabandeh Iran in Tehran up to 18000 RMB Active within 49 days

Sabina Currie

Sabina Currie Australian Active within 50 days

Jasen Hines

Jasen Hines USA in Japan Active within 50 days

Benjamin Spill

Benjamin Spill British in UK Active within 50 days

Valentina Goodman

Valentina Goodman USA Active within 51 days

Simon Kelly

Simon Kelly USA Active within 51 days

Samuel Cohen

Samuel Cohen USA Active within 52 days

Stuart Anderson Mack

Stuart Anderson Mack British in UK Active within 52 days

Jason Colina

Jason Colina Canadian in Canada Active within 56 days

James Robin Straw

James Robin Straw British in Xuzhou, China Active within 56 days

Atilay Elmas

Atilay Elmas Canadian in Canada Active within 57 days

James Rood

James Rood British in UK Active within 57 days

Aaron Ashley

Aaron Ashley USA Active within 58 days

Brandon Cole Rodriguez

Brandon Cole Rodriguez USA in Changsha, China Active within 58 days

Richard Jonathon Zucker

Richard Jonathon Zucker USA in United States 30,000 RMB/Month Active within 59 days

Caroline Huffman

Caroline Huffman USA Active within 59 days

Kendra Wake

Kendra Wake USA Active within 59 days

Hazel Doran

Hazel Doran British in UK Active within 60 days

Charlie Kayrouz

Charlie Kayrouz Australian Active within 60 days

Alexis Lamb

Alexis Lamb British in UK Active within 62 days

Vedran Borsic

Vedran Borsic Irish in UK Active within 62 days

Kristen Bond

Kristen Bond USA Active within 64 days

Ivar D Anderson

Ivar D Anderson USA Active within 64 days

Jeffery S. Lowe

Jeffery S. Lowe USA Active within 64 days

Abraham Alexander Klapp

Abraham Alexander Klapp USA Active within 72 days

Patrick Fallon

Patrick Fallon USA in South Korea Active within 72 days

Thomas James Mark Hicken

Thomas James Mark Hicken British in UK Active within 73 days

Andriy Dyachenko

Andriy Dyachenko USA Active within 74 days

Stephanie Bock

Stephanie Bock USA

Richard Cox

Richard Cox USA

Duduzile Dlamini

Duduzile Dlamini south africa in Johannesburg South Africa +R15 000

Chloe M. Outlaw

Chloe M. Outlaw USA

Kaveena Chibi Vang

Kaveena Chibi Vang USA

Matthew J. Gibson

Matthew J. Gibson USA

Kerry-Anne Reddy

Kerry-Anne Reddy South Africa

Banetta Hicks

Banetta Hicks USA

Ikran Yusuf

Ikran Yusuf British in UK

Mahdi Omidi

Mahdi Omidi USA in Dalian, China

Helen Warner

Helen Warner UK

Abigail Golightly

Abigail Golightly USA

William McMorrow

William McMorrow USA

Jai Hoyt

Jai Hoyt British in UK

Prof. Dr. Bash

Prof. Dr. Bash Sri

Bruce Gomolemo Mmope

Bruce Gomolemo Mmope South African

Ozgur D Ogur

Ozgur D Ogur UK in Turkey





Morwenna Rees

Morwenna Rees Irish in UK

David White

David White British in UK

Courtney Godfrey

Courtney Godfrey USA

Beatrice M. Tah

Beatrice M. Tah USA in Fujian, China

Rene Soto

Rene Soto USA

Caley Sammon

Caley Sammon UK

Alyssa Rohan

Alyssa Rohan Irish in Ireland

Ruel Recio Baylon

Ruel Recio Baylon Filipino in Philippines 35000 CNY

Andrew Boucher

Andrew Boucher USA

Tyler Fisher

Tyler Fisher USA

Le’Quan Glenn

Le’Quan Glenn USA

Fon Darryl Asaah

Fon Darryl Asaah other in cameroon 35000

Chanel Dalziel

Chanel Dalziel south african

Neal Myers-Perry

Neal Myers-Perry USA

Abbie Swanson

Abbie Swanson USA

Jeffrey Fisher

Jeffrey Fisher USA

Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor British in UK

Amber Morgan

Amber Morgan USA

Michele DiLella

Michele DiLella USA

Darren Healy

Darren Healy Irish in Ireland

Charl Botha

Charl Botha South African

Dylan Albert Reinders

Dylan Albert Reinders USA

Rory Voie

Rory Voie USA

Harry Taussig

Harry Taussig USA


MELISSA RILAUVEN Canada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1,500 us month

ADENIYI Omolola Helen


Allistair Elliott

Allistair Elliott British in Vietnam

Katrina Kalamar

Katrina Kalamar USA


Darby in

David Gillespie

David Gillespie USA

Michele L. Welty

Michele L. Welty USA

Azelle Zietsman

Azelle Zietsman South African

Nate Carey

Nate Carey USA in Nanjing, China

Hannah Warne

Hannah Warne British in UK

Tyler Calvin Gautier

Tyler Calvin Gautier USA

Abigail Chalmers

Abigail Chalmers USA

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian USA in Japan

Katarina Matiasovska

Katarina Matiasovska Slovakian in

Krystal Thompson

Krystal Thompson USA

Izabella Hayes

Izabella Hayes British in UK

Sid Khanna

Sid Khanna Canadian in Germany

James Mullarkey (couple)

James Mullarkey (couple) Irish in Ireland

Ciaran Wilkinson

Ciaran Wilkinson British in UK

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman British in Bulgaria, Europe

Victor Pence

Victor Pence USA

Priyanka Moodley

Priyanka Moodley South African 10000 monthly

Parya Nouri

Parya Nouri other in Iran 60000 $ monthly

Oliver Christensen (university/college)

Oliver Christensen (university/college) Australian

David Clive

David Clive British in UK

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham Irish in Ireland

Candida Conde

Candida Conde USA

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones British in Taiwan

 Claudia Anta

Claudia Anta British in UK gual



Matthew Outerbridge

Matthew Outerbridge Canadian in Canada

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor Canadian in USA

Adam Rawn

Adam Rawn Canadian in Canada

Karen Kay Remus

Karen Kay Remus USA

Tucker Owen

Tucker Owen USA

Paul McCallum-McKay

Paul McCallum-McKay British in UK

Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor USA in South Korea

David Kilbride

David Kilbride Irish in Ireland

Laura Urquhart

Laura Urquhart USA

Amelia White

Amelia White Irish + USA (couple) in Chongqing

Elizabeth Ware

Elizabeth Ware British in UK

Henry Wraight

Henry Wraight USA

Gina Shaw

Gina Shaw British in UK

Molly Mellott

Molly Mellott USA

Kristina Bell

Kristina Bell USA

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff USA

Muhammed Sirajuddin

Muhammed Sirajuddin British in UK

Kali Derra

Kali Derra British in UK

Lorenzita Santos

Lorenzita Santos USA in Chengdu

Erin Herriford

Erin Herriford USA

Seth Ervin (+ Wife)

Seth Ervin (+ Wife) American in USA

Dylan Hughes

Dylan Hughes south african

Stuart Tilley

Stuart Tilley British in Hungary, Europe

Nyoli Scobie

Nyoli Scobie Australian in Sri Lanka

Jennifer Lentz

Jennifer Lentz USA

Casey S.

Casey S. USA

Xavier O'Brien

Xavier O'Brien USA


Lolita JEHENNE British in UK

Daisy Ingrey

Daisy Ingrey British in UK

Kathy Calderbank

Kathy Calderbank British in UK

Ryan W Irving

Ryan W Irving British in UK

Samira Esat

Samira Esat British in UK

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy Irish in Thailand

Cathal Bollard

Cathal Bollard Irish in Ireland

Johnathan Quinn

Johnathan Quinn USA

Jennifer Zabala

Jennifer Zabala American in Guam $20-$30 hourly

Nathan Tulppo

Nathan Tulppo British in Harbin, China

Anna Michailidou

Anna Michailidou British in UK

Sachin Bangaru

Sachin Bangaru British in Cambodia

Max Humpf

Max Humpf USA

Daniel Krawetz

Daniel Krawetz Canadian in Canada

Steven Scholl

Steven Scholl USA in Changchun, China

Shelby Elkins

Shelby Elkins USA in Italy

Madelyn Kloske

Madelyn Kloske USA

Vanessa Breward

Vanessa Breward British in UK

Diane Cousins

Diane Cousins South African

Tatum Salomon

Tatum Salomon South African

Rocío Hernández Arias

Rocío Hernández Arias Spanish in Spain 14k

Georgina Temperini

Georgina Temperini british in UK

Jesse Daner

Jesse Daner USA

Charles R Serrano

Charles R Serrano USA

Mark Wimberly

Mark Wimberly USA

Cameron J Wallick

Cameron J Wallick USA

Roxanne Gunn

Roxanne Gunn South African

Thomas Alatti

Thomas Alatti British in Qingdao, China

Kyle Farrell

Kyle Farrell Canadian in Canada

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark USA in Thailand 15-20,000 per month


Komla Iranian in Turkey we can talk later :)


PAUL JOHNSTON Irish in Northern Ireland Nogotiable

Craig Gines

Craig Gines American in Harbin minimum 20k

Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung Canadian / Hong Kong Residence in Shenzhen or Hong Kong 20K

Muhammad Waqas Danish

Muhammad Waqas Danish Pakistan in Lahore 10000-20000 RMB

Anna Lypovetska

Anna Lypovetska Ukrainian in Ukraine min 14000 rmb


ARTUR TSATURYAN Armenia in Zhengzhou negotiable

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub other in Lahore 15000RMB

Saeesh Nayak

Saeesh Nayak Indian in Bangalore, India 15000 RMB ($ 2000)

Constantine Korniliou

Constantine Korniliou British in Liverpool, UK Any

Kazi Ajab Khan

Kazi Ajab Khan other in Malaysia 14k to 16k

Thierry Massihians

Thierry Massihians Belgium in Mexico

Nicholas Capretta

Nicholas Capretta U.S. in California 20,000 rmb

Iraklis Styliaras

Iraklis Styliaras Greek in China 12000EUR / Year

Nathaniel Jupe

Nathaniel Jupe British in China

Keyvan Noroozi

Keyvan Noroozi other in Turkey-Izmir -

Jill Stephen

Jill Stephen british in Turkey

Mary Brown

Mary Brown American 20000-25000

Mark Free

Mark Free canada in Foshan 25USD / hour

Mark Buchanan 888

Mark Buchanan 888 British in Liverpool, UK 12,000RMB




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