Teacher CV's - looking for jobs in China

Teachers Looking for jobs in China

Ozgur D Ogur

Ozgur D Ogur UK in Turkey Active within 2 days


MEGAN CALDERWOOD British in UK Active within 2 days

Nicole Rei Solis

Nicole Rei Solis Canadian in Canada Active within 2 days


ELI CIESLAK USA Active within 3 days

Morwenna Rees

Morwenna Rees Irish in UK Active within 4 days

David White

David White British in UK Active within 4 days


GEOFF HOUSE Canadian in Canada Active within 4 days

Emmanuel Eneh

Emmanuel Eneh South African Active within 4 days

Rene Soto

Rene Soto USA Active within 4 days

Alexandra Stott (couple)

Alexandra Stott (couple) South Africa Active within 4 days

Ruel Recio Baylon

Ruel Recio Baylon Filipino in Philippines 35000 CNY Active within 4 days

Sanet van der Merwe

Sanet van der Merwe South African Active within 5 days

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall USA Active within 11 days

Jethen Kishwarlal

Jethen Kishwarlal South Africa Active within 11 days

Fon Darryl Asaah

Fon Darryl Asaah other in cameroon 35000 Active within 13 days

Neal Myers-Perry

Neal Myers-Perry USA Active within 13 days

David Robertson

David Robertson USA in Saudi Arabia Active within 17 days

Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor British in UK Active within 19 days

Sibulele Ntabelanga

Sibulele Ntabelanga South African Active within 24 days

Darren Healy

Darren Healy Irish in Ireland Active within 25 days

Rory Voie

Rory Voie USA Active within 26 days

Orsila Pretorius

Orsila Pretorius South African Active within 26 days


MELISSA RILAUVEN Canada in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1,500 us month Active within 28 days

ADENIYI Omolola Helen

ADENIYI Omolola Helen NIGERIAN Active within 31 days


Darby in Active within 31 days

Michele L. Welty

Michele L. Welty USA Active within 33 days

Warren Logan Naicker

Warren Logan Naicker South African in Chengdu, China Active within 37 days

Nate Carey

Nate Carey USA in Nanjing, China Active within 40 days

Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton British in Wuxi, China Active within 40 days

Tyler Calvin Gautier

Tyler Calvin Gautier USA Active within 40 days

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian

Hachig-Rudolph Alyanakian USA in Japan Active within 40 days

Krystal Thompson

Krystal Thompson USA Active within 46 days

Sid Khanna

Sid Khanna Canadian in Germany Active within 51 days

Lucas Rudy

Lucas Rudy USA in Italy Active within 52 days

Ciaran Wilkinson

Ciaran Wilkinson British in UK Active within 52 days

Shelli d'Aquino

Shelli d'Aquino South African Active within 52 days

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman British in Bulgaria, Europe Active within 52 days

Priyanka Moodley

Priyanka Moodley South African 10000 monthly Active within 53 days

Parya Nouri

Parya Nouri other in Iran 60000 $ monthly Active within 53 days

Ryan Stack

Ryan Stack South African Active within 53 days

Oliver Christensen (university/college)

Oliver Christensen (university/college) Australian Active within 53 days

David Clive

David Clive British in UK Active within 53 days

 Claudia Anta

Claudia Anta British in UK gual Active within 55 days


MAEGAN OBREGON USA Active within 55 days

Matthew Outerbridge

Matthew Outerbridge Canadian in Canada Active within 55 days

 Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler Australian /ESL Active within 58 days

Cyrus Taheri

Cyrus Taheri USA Active within 58 days

Karen Kay Remus

Karen Kay Remus USA Active within 59 days

Tucker Owen

Tucker Owen USA Active within 60 days

Morgan Saylor

Morgan Saylor USA in South Korea Active within 60 days

Sean Alexander Dennison

Sean Alexander Dennison British in UK Active within 61 days

David Kilbride

David Kilbride Irish in Ireland Active within 61 days

Laura Urquhart

Laura Urquhart USA Active within 61 days

Amelia White

Amelia White Irish + USA (couple) in Chongqing Active within 61 days

Andrew Coldrick

Andrew Coldrick USA in Fujian, China Active within 61 days

Kat Herbert

Kat Herbert British in UK Active within 65 days

Molly Mellott

Molly Mellott USA Active within 65 days

Kristina Bell

Kristina Bell USA Active within 65 days

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff

Dr. Brian Lee Policoff USA Active within 66 days

Brett Kilgour (no BA Degree)

Brett Kilgour (no BA Degree) British in UK Active within 66 days

Kali Derra

Kali Derra British in UK Active within 66 days

Lorenzita Santos

Lorenzita Santos USA in Chengdu Active within 66 days

Erin Herriford

Erin Herriford USA Active within 68 days

Charles Somerville

Charles Somerville Irish in UK Active within 68 days

Seth Ervin (+ Wife)

Seth Ervin (+ Wife) American in USA Active within 68 days

Nyoli Scobie

Nyoli Scobie Australian in Sri Lanka Active within 69 days

Casey S.

Casey S. USA Active within 71 days

Zingisa Tshisa

Zingisa Tshisa south african Active within 71 days

Bobby Flood

Bobby Flood USA Active within 72 days

Xavier O'Brien

Xavier O'Brien USA Active within 73 days


Lolita JEHENNE British in UK Active within 74 days

Daisy Ingrey

Daisy Ingrey British in UK Active within 74 days

David Baptiste

David Baptiste Canadian in Shenyang, China Active within 74 days

David Stone

David Stone British in Nantong, China Active within 75 days

Danica Adcock

Danica Adcock south african in UK Active within 76 days

Jennifer Zabala

Jennifer Zabala American in Guam $20-$30 hourly Active within 76 days

Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall USA

Anna Michailidou

Anna Michailidou British in UK

Max Humpf

Max Humpf USA

Fern Amber McGourty

Fern Amber McGourty British in UK

Daniel Krawetz

Daniel Krawetz Canadian in Canada

Steven Scholl

Steven Scholl USA in Changchun, China

Jeanette Edmead

Jeanette Edmead British in Spain

Declan Havlicek

Declan Havlicek USA

Madelyn Kloske

Madelyn Kloske USA

Vanessa Breward

Vanessa Breward British in UK

Matthew Szendrei

Matthew Szendrei South African

Christopher K White

Christopher K White USA


DRENE HERBERT South African in Shujiazhuang, China

Rocío Hernández Arias

Rocío Hernández Arias Spanish in Spain 14k

Nikita Munro

Nikita Munro south african

Arno Gelderbloem

Arno Gelderbloem South Africa

Cynthia Needham

Cynthia Needham USA

Jesse Daner

Jesse Daner USA

Yonela Sobahle

Yonela Sobahle South African

Charles R Serrano

Charles R Serrano USA

Ian Schofield

Ian Schofield Australian

Cameron J Wallick

Cameron J Wallick USA

Thomas Alatti

Thomas Alatti British in Qingdao, China

Timothy Clark

Timothy Clark USA in Thailand 15-20,000 per month


Komla Iranian in Turkey we can talk later :)


PAUL JOHNSTON Irish in Northern Ireland Nogotiable

Craig Gines

Craig Gines American in Harbin minimum 20k

Andrew Leung

Andrew Leung Canadian / Hong Kong Residence in Shenzhen or Hong Kong 20K

Muhammad Waqas Danish

Muhammad Waqas Danish Pakistan in Lahore 10000-20000 RMB

Anna Lypovetska

Anna Lypovetska Ukrainian in Ukraine min 14000 rmb


ARTUR TSATURYAN Armenia in Zhengzhou negotiable

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub other in Lahore 15000RMB

Saeesh Nayak

Saeesh Nayak Indian in Bangalore, India 15000 RMB ($ 2000)

Constantine Korniliou

Constantine Korniliou British in Liverpool, UK Any

Kazi Ajab Khan

Kazi Ajab Khan other in Malaysia 14k to 16k

Thierry Massihians

Thierry Massihians Belgium in Mexico

Nicholas Capretta

Nicholas Capretta U.S. in California 20,000 rmb

Iraklis Styliaras

Iraklis Styliaras Greek in China 12000EUR / Year

Nathaniel Jupe

Nathaniel Jupe British in China

Keyvan Noroozi

Keyvan Noroozi other in Turkey-Izmir -

Jill Stephen

Jill Stephen british in Turkey

Mary Brown

Mary Brown American 20000-25000

Mark Free

Mark Free canada in Foshan 25USD / hour




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