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Ana Iris Correa Muler

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Hello! My name is Ana Iris and I am from Puerto Rico. I have native level proficiency in both English and Spanish. I love to explore unique experiences in the places that I travel to. When I was living in Iceland, my favorite activity was chasing after the Northern Lights. They are so beautiful; green, red, purple lights dancing in the night sky. My background is in the biological sciences, carrying out scientific research and explaining scientific concepts simply. I am TEFL certified, guiding students from A all the way to C. My lessons are immersive and interactive, and they include a wide variety of activities to encourage the use of reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Currently, I am training in teaching Business English and IELTS Exam Prep. What I enjoy the most about teaching is the exchange between the students and the teacher. In one of my lessons with ESL students, I was teaching vocabulary words such as ‘plain’ and ‘unique’. To help students practice the meaning of these words, we went through three different activities: fillintheblanks, match the image to the adjective, and true or false. One of the true or false sentences used the word ‘plain’ to describe street performers’ clothing. A student answered by stating that the sentence was false because street performers wear ‘unique’ costumes. I was so excited! Not only did the student understand the meaning of the word ‘plain’ but they were also able to correct the false sentence by using another one of the vocabulary words – ‘unique’. To know that my effort as a teacher can lead to someone’s growth, to see it happening right before my eyes, was genuinely fulfilling. That is how I fell in love with teaching and why I want to pursue this career further. I am rooting for my students!

Working Experience

Hello! My name is Ana Iris and I am from Puerto Rico. I have native level proficiency in both English and Spanish. I lov

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