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Age: 26

Nationality: United Kingdom

Location: China

Proficiency of Chinese:

Educational Background: Bachelor\'s degree

Experience: Foreign Language Teacher

Expected salary:

Self Introduction

I have strong relation building skills, with a high level of cultural sensitivity and knowledge. I am quick to adapt to new situations and challenges, as well as working with, and supporting others to overcome them. Skills and Achievements -I was the first British student to receive a scholarship to study Chinese in China at undergraduate level, and was on national news. ( ) -I am nearly fluent in Mandarin Chinese (HSK4 achieved , soon to take HSK6), capable in Russian and Japanese, and conversational in Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Welsh, Hindi and Cantonese, and constantly improving in all of these languages due to rigorous self study. -I have experience living abroad, at age 18 I was living alone in Shijiazhuang, China for a year, then spent a further 6 months abroad as part of my university course. This has made me driven and independent, with a strong knowledge of the importance of networking. -Good with Computer hardware and software, as I am the son of an IT consultant, and have been using computers since the age of 5. I also have GCSE IT at distinction level. Expressing skilled use of most Microsoft programmes. -Good knowledge of foreign cultures and societies, due to immersion in the foreign expat community in China combined with personal research, as well as contacts in foreign countries. -Fast tracked through my B.A Chinese studies course due to previous experience,

Working Experience

Foreign Language Teacher

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