Are you already feeling the heat of summer? Are you tired of turning on the air conditioner to stop sweating? You don’t have to always stay at home to escape the heat. Here are 5 great places in China to defy the hot temperatures!

1. Guiyang

Guiyang is renowned for being a popular summer resort city in China, as the climate is often mild and moist and the temperature is always around 23.7 degrees in July. Plus, surrounded by mountains and forests, the city is also an amazing place for sightseeing, along with its colorful culture and many historic spots.

2. Harbin

Being famous for the name “Ice City, Harbin is also a good summer resort, with an average of 23 degrees in July. Sun Island Park, the Siberian Tiger Park and Zhaolin Park are the highlights of this season.

3. Qingdao

Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city with one of the most attractive sea views in China. In July, the average temperature is only 24 degrees, neither hot nor cold. A cool beer anyone? Along with the cool and fresh sea wind blowing in the face. What a pleasant day!

4. Yichun

Enjoying a cold temperature monsoon climate, Yichun is a good place to stay with lowest average temperature in China. Even in heat of mid-July, it averages around 20 to 22 degrees. It is known as “Green Treasure House” because of its green forest and mountains.

5. Lijiang

Lijiang is one of most popular tourist destinations in China, offering fresh air, clear water, breathtaking snowy mountains and rich regional culture. Due to the special geographical position, the city enjoys a pleasant year-round climate averaging 20 degrees in the hottest month. Lijiang Old Town is a must-see attraction as it is listed as a World Cultural Heritages site by UNESCO in 1997 and it maintains the original presence of the town.

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