When the national security legislation is introduced in Hong Kong, external intrusion end and local police can combat major crime out of reach, says Laura Ruggeri, an Italian origin writer, researcher and academic.

based on Hong Kong for 23 years, former professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said considerable damage has been done to the city because they do not have a law of this type.

he referred to months of violent protests in Hong Kong often- has suffered since last June, caused by an extradition bill now retired. National flags of the US and the UK were observed during these protests. Hong Kong activists went to the United States and met with US officials to push for economic sanctions in Hong Kong, with the hope that the SAR government could be forced to make concessions.

The Standing Committee of the People's Assembly Congress, China's top legislature, on June 20 unveiled details of the proposed national security legislation for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. The bill, which includes 66 articles in six chapters, penalizes secession, subversion of the power of the state, terrorist activities and collusion with external forces

Ruggeri said :. "I do not understand the fuss, because most countries have a national security law. It is designed to protect the country and its citizens of foreign forces and collusion". He said foreign meddling was just as much of a similar terrorist threat to violence.

The academic also criticized opposition camp city for their conduct "unpatriotic" to ask for sanctions that apply to Hong Kong.

"I think it is unpatriotic to the opposition camp in Hong Kong at the request of US sanctions. I see no opposition from any other country that would go so far as to damage the business prospects or their fellow citizens. the economy of their own country is perverse, "he told China Daily in an interview

Ruggeri also said that the draft national security law does not go as far as the Patriot Act the United States -. which he passed all rush after 9/11 attacks.

"The Patriot Act allows the US government to spy on its citizens both at home and abroad." Ruggeri said. He cited an agreement on the Patriot Act between the US government and US-owned companies - including software and social media companies. They are obliged to share information on national security issues. Ruggeri believes that national security legislation is more about preventing a "color revolution" in Hong Kong. It will not affect ordinary residents, he said.

The author of Italian origin said the national security law undoubtedly safeguard the "one country, 'two systems'." You can not have two systems without country, "he added.

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