Suzhou Rolls Out Policies to Attract More Foreign Talent

The city of Suzhou, in east China's Jiangsu Province has launched a range of new policies in hopes of attracting and retaining more foreign talent. State the Global Times reports that "amid COVID-19 and strained relations between China and the US" Suzhou is committed to making life easier for foreigners who wish to work in the city media.

While the local government of the city, known for its canals and historic gardens, has been organizing charter flights to allow currently expatriates were stuck to the country to return to work, they have also launched a series of policies to help both those who are already in Suzhou and those who wish to come get their work and residence more efficiently.

at a press conference on Friday, Wanyong Gu, deputy director of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau said the city hopes to attract 2,500 foreign high-level talent at the end of next year. He announced other measures, including a credit system that will allow companies employing foreigners in special privileges Suzhou to help them file the necessary materials for work permits process and scrapping the age limit for foreign talents senior . The age limit will also be raised from 60 to 70 for other professionals.

In order to allow those who are renewing their visas more easily, high level of expatriate talent can now apply both for work and residence permits in a window in the area of ​​Suzhou area free commerce Jiangsu pilot and receive documents in about 15 days. In the previous system, foreigners had to apply two government agencies and wait about 25 days to process. According to a German engineer quoted by the Global Times, it only took him an hour to request an extension compared to half a day in previous years.

The bureau reports that the pandemic COVID-19 has led to a drop in the number of foreigners in Suzhou, with only 11,800 remaining work permits to the end of June. As a result, reports local foreign affairs office has led more than 370 foreign employees of 95 companies back to Suzhou in special chartered flights from the peak of the pandemic.

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