Privacy Policy

Effective April 1, 2018

In this document we outline how and why collects and uses your information when interacting with the site.

Information Provided by you

When accessing parts of where login or signup is required you are agreeing to the collection of your information as follows:

First phase:

Basic account details are collected to setup your account, this includes one verified contact method (E-mail or Phone), your name, your account ip address, browser type and version, your location, a username unique to your account and a password.

Apply phase:

When you apply for a job there are additional requirements from the employers, this information usually includes: Date of Birth, Address, Phone + E-mail, Full name, Certificates copies, Proof of identity and additional questions which may be related to your application or job information.

Post job phase:

When you post a job additional information is required about the hiring company including: Company name, contact information, website, address.

Other Information also collects information when interacting with the site including, pages visited, time on each page, browser type and version. This information is collected passively and contains no personal details.

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