Dennis P Panfil

Dennis P Panfil

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Proficiency of Chinese: basic level

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Hello, I am an experienxed teacher of years in several countries. I returned to the USA to fill out m retirement and pension Paperwork and bury a relative. Then Covid hit and my plans to teach abroad and travel during my retirement has been put on hold. I have been vaccinated, had a full medical checkup ,including an ekg , and I am good health. I also have a recent FBi backround check and other documents because I was looking to go to China again. This seems impossible for several reasons including the reluctance of the consulate here in Los Angeles to either assist or certify documents.. I enjoy teaching and my main focus is not high salary or extensive bonuses, since my pension is more than adequate. Instead I am looking for a stable , long term engagement in a safe environement in any exotic green area of the globe. I have lost years to corona and do not want to loose another month.  I miss the feeling I had with my university ,high school and primary students when I was in asia. I am an engineer by degree but the classroom is not aplace of work rather a rich and exciting place of interchange, with motivated students,  which I miss very much. I am open to reasonable offers in any location that fits these peramitersand I look forward to hearing from you.

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