Zyla Muller

Zyla Muller

Nationality: south african

Location: South Africa

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Hello  My name is Zyla and I'm South African. I'm years and currently in South Africa. I have more than years of teaching experience abroad China and Tajikistan.  I have a clear criminal record, proof of vaccination, diploma in Music Education and TEFL hours. Some attributes about myself:  I work well with people; therefore my peopleskills have improved over the years. I’m a fast learner, I work well under pressure and I am computer literate. And because of my role as Social organizer for a society I used to be part of, I have developed my interpersonal skills. I had to make space to be part of a group, the committee, and listen to others. In the society, there are many different types of people from many different backgrounds and I have made an effort to get to know a few of them to a certain extent. Also, while working parttime, I have come across a diverse background of cultures and societies. I respect all different cultures and societies and I tend to go out of my way to show this to whoever it may concern. I hope you consider my application. Kind Regards 

Working Experience

years teaching experience

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