Mark Gotwald

Mark Gotwald

Nationality: USA

Location: USA

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Fellow colleagues, I am writing to express both my interest in teaching for your establishment as well as helping it grow through my professionalism. I am a native English speaker and a certified ESL teacher from the USA with six years of experience. I teach students of all ages and my specialty is fun, interactive lessons that fit the specific needs of my students. When devising a path for my students I plan my lessons according to my students' goals and use the latest textbooks, technology, games and authentic English material. I have experience in the classroom, oneonone, remotely and in company. I also have extensive experience in preparing students for exams including the SAT English portion ,TOEFL, IELTS, and other Cambridge exams from A to C. Lastly, I can improve my students' essay writing abilities, pronunciation, speaking and academic performance. My goal as an English teacher for your establishment is to offer dynamic and enriching English lessons to help your students achieve their specific educational goals. Thank you for considering my application. Please reference my resume for more about me. Finally I look forward to talking with you in the near future about employment opportunities. Sincerely, Mark Gotwald

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