Joanna Mauchline

Joanna Mauchline

Nationality: British

Location: UK

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Me as a Teacher As a teacher my role is to analyze learner needs and develop their linguistic and communicative competence, to meet both their present and future needs, for full participation in society.  My practicing, organizing principle is themes, using a textbased, taskbased, contentbased, mixed/multisyllabus.  I provide tasks that encourage interaction and, through it, negotiation for meaning, using communicative methodology and rationalist/humanistic theory, based on cognitive psychology.  My communicative approach reflects reallife language use, in terms of discourse, that is relevant and memorable, supporting learners as they gradually move to independent language use. My Lessons & Teaching Style Authentic material is used as supporting elements in achieving communicative and analytical skills, to develop learners’ knowledge, values, and attitudes as a holistic process.  My aim is to impart knowledge to a student by enabling the student to fulfill his/her potential without curtailing his/her natural instinct to learn and discover by curiosity and having fun.  My approach is to ensure that students have ample opportunity to express individual and social skills, by providing a climate of acceptance, approval, empathy, and respect. 

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