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Allistair Elliott

Allistair Elliott

Nationality: British

Location: Vietnam

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

Sirs, I can teach English. No question. I have learned modern skills like video editing and can create sophisticated inclass ppt games. My inclass teaching activities and ppt games can be seen on my YouTube channel. Please click on the attached CV. Technology has now become my friend. I've got all my stuff saved onto the cloud, I can teach effectively through zoom, and I am much more proficient at DocX.  Further, I have written a , book detailing my EFL story, and offering my thoughts about the issues of EFL especially in Asia. It is called, 'My AZ of teaching English in Korea and Vietnam'. It is available through kindle. It's good. You should buy it. My CV is about as good as it can be. I am not interested in generic teaching jobs. I desire something more substantial, with much more pay and better security.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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