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Nationality: Canadian

Location: Canada

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

July th Melatti HNZ Montreal, Qc Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for the opportunity to teach EFL with your school as advertised via The TEFL Academy. I attach my CV for your consideration. As you will see, I am a native Englishspeaking graduate and a Canadian citizen. I have completed a hour Level TEFL Certificate with The TEFL Academy. I have a real desire to improve the lives of others by teaching English. I look forward to creating exciting and engaging lessons to motivate my students and help them to learn effectively. My communication skills, both written and oral are excellent, allowing me to instantly develop a good rapport with people. I speak English, French, and some Italian which works to my advantage as I can interact with people from nonEnglish countries. With a range of qualifications in the hospitality and tourism industry, I have developed fast learning skills, very vigilant and have a natural ability to pay attention to close details. I am able to meet deadlines, learn to work with different software and work under constant pressure. Such an opportunity will allow me to apply what I have already learnt in the hospitality industry and expand on different ways to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for people wanting to learn English. My positive personality and mindset has always contributed to working effectively and successfully with a team. I would enjoy building a positive and good rapport with your team and as a fresh passionate graduate; I’d welcome the chance to meet with you to talk about how my education, experience and skills would be beneficial to the team. I would very much like the opportunity to discuss my application with you further at interview. Thank you for taking the time to read my CV and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Olivia Kor

Working Experience

Such an opportunity will allow me to apply what I have already learnt in the hospitality industry and expand on differen

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