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Marcus James Woolley

Marcus James Woolley

Nationality: British

Location: Taiwan

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

I am interested in a position of an ESL teacher. I have taught English for more than five years now with the experience of all different ages, from kindergarten to adults. My first job was actually for the Spanish Ministry of Defence, which threw me into the deep end of the ESL industry. Later on, I decided to start teaching younger students where I taught French, Spanish and Germans on a summer camp in England, which later helped me get a job teaching Taiwanese students at a buxiban in Changhua City called ‘NeuroLink English Academy.' Working for NeuroLink these past four years has given me a vast amount of experience. I taught kindergarten, I became a senior teacher for multiple schools where I have to do workshops and also solve any problems that may occur with the schools or teachers. I now also have experience with online teaching, which has been a challenge, but a fun challenge that has helped me grow as a teacher. I have lived in a few countries, including Bangladesh, Spain and Taiwan, which has given me many experiences living overseas. Now I can adapt to any change in culture or any current affairs that may arise. After many years working for NeuroLink, there is a reason why I would like to leave my current position and possibly have a position with your school. The main reason is working for a buxiban in Taiwan has great experience to help an individual grow, but some of the benefits for working for a buxiban are minimal. For example, I noticed that you have paid holidays set at Christmas, which would be great.  As well for your pay. It is a lot higher than what I am making here, which would help me grow financially in the future. My contract for NeuroLink doesn’t end until, March , but I can terminate the contract earlier as long as I give them at least three months notice. Thank you for taking the time to read. Sincerely, Marcus James Woolley

Working Experience

I have taught English for more than five years now with the experience of all different ages, from kindergarten to adult

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