Eric Brand is translating a classic Chinese traditional medicine to English with the hope of promoting a wider use of TCM around the world.

The brand has a passion for herbs. He served as president of the United States Delegation to the International Organization for the Technical Standardization Committee for the International Standards of TCM. He obtained a doctorate at the Chinese School of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong Baptist centered at the Herbal Chinese pharmacy, and serves as a TCM Advisor of the US Herbal Pharmacopoeia, a non-profit organization that promotes the responsible use of medicines Herbal

In addition to all that, he speaks Chinese fluently.

has been fascinated lately with the book of the song Bencao Tujing ("illustrated Pharmacopoeia", which has done it "an alemporal teacher" that sees a great value in translation.

The book, fulfilled and edited by its song, a renowned polymer of the northern song of the dynasty (960-1127), comes from practical investigations with a combination of images and texts. The book is considered an innovative treatise in pharmaceutical botany, Zoology and mineralogy.

Joseph Needham, a known biochemist and the founder of chemical embryology, described his as one of the greatest naturalists and scientists of ancient China.

"The book It is a milestone in the history of Chi Nese medicine, "said Zhao Zhongzhen, professor specialized in TCM former classics at Hong Kong Baptist Chinese Medicine School.

This year marks the 1,000 anniversary of birth of his. brand and zhao have traveled to 17 countries around the world to promote his tra low.

"I will work with Professor Zhao to translate more TCM works," said the brand. "My goal is to become a bridge between China and the rest of the world, allowing more people to learn the rich wisdom of Chinese medicine."

Chen Mo contributed to this story.

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