10 Things China Expats MUST Do Before Leaving

S'Long, China expat. Your bags are packed. Your flight is waiting. But are you sure you are really ready to go out? There are some things that all expatriates should do before leaving China. While immigration could provide you with an exit stamp in your passport, you can not really say that China has done until they have been achieved. Then, in no particular order, you can not leave China until there is ...

1. Eating something strange

no Everyone has the fortress of stomach scorpions on a stick, fried pork pork brain or shrimp still jumping without uprising, but Chinese cuisine has as many eccentricities, it would be rude not to try one or two. Brave stinky tofu if nothing else. He does not know half of the bad that smells! 2. The Great Wall rose

is sometimes fun just to be a tourist, and the Great Wall is the last place to do just that. Most people visit when they arrive for China for the first time, but if it is still to make their pilgrimage, do not delay. One of the wonders of the world, is really a wonder to contemplate. Also, it is likely to be the first thing that the first time you return to people, you will wonder. 3. He sat through a live performance of the Cantonese Opera / Beijing / Sichuan (additional points for the three)

is definitely an acquired taste, but Chinese opera is undeniably iconic and, no doubt , beautiful in his own way. If your eardrums can take it, buy a CD after the interpretation and play at home as a way to get rid of dinner guests who have exaggerated their welcome. 4. Posé for images with complete strangers

To the rite of passage for any china expatriate appears in the snapshots of Chinese people who do not know. Generally initiated by the rural Chinese who may not have seen many foreigners in the flesh, these outbreaks of forced photos are a test that has really lived (in China). If your time in China is almost up and, in some way, even so, somehow, go to a local park, find some happy camera amenities and press your best peace sign. 5. I have a history of Chinese public toilet

A former co-worker told him once it was all his six-month contract in China without using a public toilet. While this is an achievement in itself, I can not avoid feeling that, in some way, it was lost part of the reasons for traveling to a foreign land in the first place, to see how different cultures offer basic human functions. The chatting toilet may not be as comfortable for our muscles of the Western leg without fault, but they frequent them enough and is forced to return home with a devil from an anecdote. Oh, the things I've seen! 6. Visited a truly local tourist attraction

Most expatriates in China hit the highlights: The Yangzte River, the Bund de Shanghai, the Forbidden City of Beijing. That's all great, but China is also full of smaller tourist destinations, nationally oriented, some of which are strange, wonderful and hilarious francs. For example, I once visited a city that attracts to find them from domestic tourists to watch a large door. Yes. It's a big door, it's fine. 7. In a mess of ganbei

​​while excessive alcohol consumption is such a serious social problem, it can also be a bit fun as an expatriate in China. Chinese-style drinks usually occur at work events or family banquets when the host feels the need to personally receive each guest with a "ganbei". Literally translating to "Dry Glass", when he faces a ganbei, he is expected to see a glass of Baijiu Fiery or (if he is lucky) Lukewarm Beer. However, what usually happens in these situations, is that the guests in turn, feel the need to give their host for their hospitality, as well as all other guests in order of antiquity. And if you are a foreigner in a Chinese role, you can expect to classify a lot. If your time in China is running out and this is still on your list of tasks, Crowbar your way to the celebration of another person going to a restaurant or bar, finding a table of people from China already drunk.

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