N Korean man caught by South after crossing border

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South Korea has captured a suspect of North Korea after crossing the strongly fortified dehydrated area (DMZ) between the two countries.

The troops followed him for three hours on Tuesday as he opened his way through the area, which is full of landmines and surrounded by barbed wire.

are now investigating if he tried to defecture.

It is incredibly rare for people to defecate through the DMZ, but there was a similar incident last November.

The man was located near a checkpoint in the east of DMZ at 04:20 on Tuesday (19:20 GMT on Monday). It is still not clear if he is a civilian or member of the military.

"It is presumed that he is a North Korean and we are doing an investigation about the details, including the way he had been reduced and if he wanted to defecture," said the chief of staff joint in a statement.

he added that he would be investigating the safety rape.

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    A former damaged gymnast through DMZ last November by jumping on the border fence.

    According to South Korean security media, the authorities had the young North Korea jump several times to verify their history of how he crossed the border.

    An investigation found that a screw loose in border sensors allowed the deserter to cross without being detected. It is assumed that the Southern Korean border sensor system must alert guards if there is any impact on the fence.

    Following the investigation, the South Korean military announced that it would review all the sensors on the border between Koreans.

    Since he took power in 2011, it is believed that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Onu has ordered the adjustment of border controls between the two sides and with China, including by placing more terrestrial mines.

    But about 1,000 people defecate from North Korea each year, fleeing from a repressive state that has faced numerous accusations of human rights abuse.

    Most North Koreans escape crossing the border towards China from where they risk being sent back to the north.

    Crossing through DMZ is incredibly dangerous. If you stop and arrested by North Korea's army, those who try to cross would certainly be taken to a detention center to be interrogated. They could be judged and condemned at long terms in the work camps.

    The border and its fortifications have been valid since the Korean war ended up in an armistice in 1953. North and South Korea remain technically in war as the fight did not end with a peace treaty. Korean defectors of North Korea media: Why is it becoming harder to escape

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