2021 Chinese Tennis Association Tour to begin in May

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Beijing, April 25 (Xinhua) - The 2021 Chinese Tennis Association (CTA) Tour , a series of competence destined for domestic players, is established in May, said the organizing committee on Sunday.

The first stage of this year's tournament, a CTA 1000 The event is scheduled from May 2 to 9 in Anning, a city at the County level of the Yunnan province of Southwest China.

The Tour, which will be held in 19 cities in China, contains 21 legs, including four events of 1000 first class, four 800 class of 800 and six of class. Enditem follow by China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the Tianjin">Tianjin">Tianjin">Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/902" target="_BLANK">conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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