China approves 2,473 geographical indication products

Beijing, May 7 (Xinhua): China has approved 2,473 geographic indication products (GI) and we saw 6,209 GI trademarks registered at the end of March, according to national intellectual property. Administration (NIPA). In the first quarter of 2021, it was awarded more than 1,400 companies permission to use the GIS, 669 percent of years to year.

As a type of intellectual property that indicates the geographical origin, reputation and other features of a product, GI is important to improve the added value of the products, protecting The interests of the consumer and preserving traditional cultural heritage.

China has implemented measures for the use of GI and fostered GI protection, according to the NIPA.

The total output value of the companies that Usan GIS was 639.8 billion yuan (approximately 99 billion US dollars) by 2020. Enditem

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