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The Royal Observatory The 13th Astronomy Photographer of Greenwich, the competition contest, has announced its list of extraordinary celestial scenes. Image copyrightpeter FieldotiiMage CaptionBicolour Veil Nebula, a remnant of a giant supernova explosion, by Peter Sheltoti from Hungary

The photographers of the list of prey captured through our Solar system, Galaxy and the wider universe. image CopyrightVitaliy Novikovimage Captered in Murmansk, Russia, by Vitaliy Novikov

Competition has received more than 4,500 tickets from 75 countries.

Judges include BBC Sky Art Editor at night Mom Gazine Steve Marsh, and comedy and keen amateur jon culshaw, along with other experts from the worlds of art and astronomy.

Winning images will be displayed in an exhibition. At the National Maritime Museum since September 18.

Here is a selection of images in the first place.

Dolphin Head Nebula, by Yovin Yahathugoda Sri Lanka Image copyrighyovin Yahathugoda

This is a Of the favorite images of the photographer and significantly represent how interstellar winds and forces have created. This perfect cosmic bubble in outer space.

The star responsible for creating the bubble is the bright star near the center of the nebula and is classified as a lobe-rayet. star.

Harmony, by Stefan Lieberm Ann from Germany Image copyrightstefan liebermann

The image shows a panorama Fascinating the Milky Way over the Lavender Fields in Valensole, France.

Color tones and fields of fields are truly incredible, although light pollution is clearly visible throughout the area.

Iceland Vortex, by Larryn Rae of New Zealand Image copyrightlarryn rae

This is a panorama of Aurora Borealis in Iceland and is composed of 20 images.

The photographer was encountered an estuary that perfectly reflected the sky on a frozen winter night.

he first captured the panorama, and then shot over the ice.

Luna Park, by ED Hurst of a USTRALIA Hurst copyright image

This immense face forms the entrance to Luna Park, Sydney Harborside Theme Park.

It has become the shadow of the Harbor Bridge since 1935 and many generations of children have been omitted by their mouths during days of fun, as the world and The city has changed and grown around it.

The photographer took thousands of frames, with the stars that pass and mix them to show the patterns of time.

Moonrise about Jodrell Bank, by Matt Naylor from the UK Image CopyrightMatt Naylor

was The photographer's long-lasting ambition to capture the moon and the famous Lovell Telescope.

find a place with a clear view, far enough from the

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