Beijing, August 2 (Xinhua): The doses of vaccines that are currently administered in China continue to demonstrate good preventive and protective effects against the Variant of Covid-19 Delta, China daily reported Monday .

"The findings available suggest that the delta variant can decrease the protection against Vaccines COVID-19, but the outlets can still have good preventive and protective effects against The strain, "Feng Zijian, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC of China), was cited as.

The delta variant is estimated at almost double transmissible as the original tension, and extends much faster and it is more likely to induce the serious symptoms between patients , Feng said.

Although no vaccine can provide 100 percent protection against viral. Infections, several Variants Covid-19 can still be controlled with existing vaccines, said Shao Sheiming, another researcher from China CDC.

Shao also pointed out that evidence-based studies show that China's Covid-19 household vaccines can effectively reduce hospitalization rates, severe cases and deaths. EndItem


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