Technology has changed the life we are living today. Portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and so on are taking over our daily lives. The fast growth of recruitment landscape on mobile platform is changing the way how jobseekers find their jobs and how hiring managers advertise their openings. Without a doubt, mobile recruiting will be an important fraction of hiring strategies of the organizations and open the new generation of hiring.

What is mobile recruiting?

Mobile recruiting can refer to the act of hiring through mobile platforms, such as mobile career pages and online recruiting strategies via social networks. Recruiters often utilize methods, including mobile search engine optimization, mobile career pages and hiring campaigns targeting mobile devices, to attract job seekers on mobile platforms. For instance, famous online job boards such as Craigslist, Monster, SimplyHired and so on have mobile portals or apps for recruiters and job seekers to be involved in the hiring process anytime and anywhere they want.

Why mobile recruiting is necessary?

According to a recent study, more than half the population in the world owns a smartphone, and over half of the time spent on the internet comes from a mobile platform. Also, each month Americans conduct nearly one billion job searches from their portable devices, according to a Talent HQ summit of MRES 13. Furthermore, more than three in five job hunters browse the job pages of company from mobile platform. The figures display that mobile recruiting is going to play an important role at the competition of hires within the industries and it still continues to rapidly evolve. More surprisingly, according to an online survey on the internet, 90% of job hunters are now using mobile devices during the process of looking for a new job opportunity. Among which, a majority of (33%) love to search jobs on the mobile platform. Clearly the behaviors of job seekers are changing with the popularity of mobile devices. On the other hand, the rise of social networks has accelerated the development of mobile recruiting, with 75% increase of social professional networks as a medium of quality hires over the past 4 years as well as the use of general social networks to promote positions and interact with potential candidates.

Why mobile recruiting is gaining more popularity?

It is not difficult to answer: it is easy and convenient. With mobile recruiting, job seekers are able to search smarter, connect faster and hunt anywhere, anytime. Mobile recruiting platforms enable candidates to tightly connect with the hiring process and boost the quick response necessary for job applications. Candidates are able to access a large number of new openings, directly contact recruiters and hiring managers, apply for preferred positions, or get advices on career prospects in no time by using mobile devices. Due to the intense competition in the market, an experienced job seeker won’t spend too much time on job application. Additionally, mobile recruiting removes the barriers and drastically simplifies the application process, which is needed by job seekers. That’s why job seekers flock to mobile recruiting sites instead of sitting in front of the computer to search for job opportunities. Meanwhile, recruiters can benefit from receiving more resumes and applications. Also, an easy application process can help recruiters garner more well-equipped and qualified passive candidates as they are often employed and too busy to look for new job opportunities.

How Gapmarks can help is a new innovative startup that offers a time saving tool to fully automate the process of job postings to over 150 job boards. With the ability of being able to post unlimited ads multiple times, Gapmarks will take your talent acquisition to the next level. The innovative new startup tech company based on a never-seen-before automation technology offers the world’s most powerful posting system that posts your jobs not just to job boards or a handful of sites but to hundreds of sites 24/7 and auto-posts at repeated intervals according to your requirements. To add a cherry to the cake Gapmarks can automatically pull jobs from your XML feed every 24 hours, automatically modify your job information to be suitable for posting on each job board and will auto-repost them without you ever needing to login to the system! has not only incorporated general job boards, but also job boards with a mobile portal. It is notable that your potential talent may want to apply your job via mobile devices. In order to grab the potential talent pool, your job application should be easy as possible for them to go through. The mobile users of online job boards will be an important source of your talent pool. Gapmarks knows mobile recruiting is significant to your hiring strategies so that the software has searched and stored these sites for you, assisting your company not to loose the competition of hires. It is worth noting that Gapmarks offers unique and unmatched technology carefully integrating itself into the real posting pages of job boards instead of simply aggregating XML feeds.

Now you can say goodbye to the old days of time-consuming and boring posting task. On Gapmarks, everything is so simple. Enter your job information and click “post out”. Your job opening will be instantly distributed and also regularly to job boards of specific category matching your position, boosting your hiring success. Your jobs are placed standing out to the hundreds of thousands of candidates actively searching jobs and suited for your job openings. For your hiring on the go, Gapmarks has designed a mobile version of our software and can be easily accessed via all your mobile devices. With affordable price and daily added new sites, our leading-edge job posting service will surely offer you a seamless and enjoyable experience of recruiting.

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