6 China Roommates Nobody Wants to Live With

Life in one of the first-tier cities of China requires money, and many foreigners can not afford to live on their own. Although it is unlikely to live with someone who does not know in our countries, in China often make concessions so that we can live in the area we want, in a room that we like and near our workplace or our favorite places. But what about China's companions from Hell? Below are six presented can be found in China, which transgress nationality, gender, age and occupation

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Example 1: partner to partner and B have been living together for two years. But from partner B got dumped by his girlfriend, he has been a number of young women allowed to spend his room after a few weeks of dating. And friends are not always accompanied. Some bring their rabbits and cats, to spoil the furniture and pee Everywhere. Another girlfriend is unemployed so it just hangs around the house all day, leaving rings of tea on the kitchen counter, eating all the food and running accounts

Example 2: . A partner usually maintains itself, however, every so often that houses the load and noisy parties in his room. These involve many girls who occupy the bathroom at any given time to partner B can not shower or use the toilet without having to wait in line

Example 3 :. Food of the partner eats a partner of B all the time and never replaced. B partner comes home for dinner and found the meat bought recently been mocked and cheese melts on the counter. Beer A Companion drink in retaliation dirty

Example 1 :. A partner leaves a half-eaten pizza (with box) in the sink, past and cockroaches collection for over a week and yet the plate is washed. In addition, watermelon rind is used as an ashtray and towels are not washed for months at a time. Towels hanging in common furniture to dry and makes the whole apartment stink

Example 2 :. A fellow does not see anything wrong leaving a bowl of cereal half-eaten with a spoon in the refrigerator for more than a week, along with takeaways still stabbed with molding sticks

eXAMPLE 3 :. Phlegm fellow hawks in the bathroom sink and floor and let the crust not unreliable.

Example 1: A partner comes home to find dog dirty footprints all over the room. He realizes it's not because hyper partner B has another new girlfriend of a pet owner, but because it's a drug dealer. Narcotics police with sniffer dogs entered, they found 300 grams of cocaine and took it for a period of 10 years in prison

Example 2 :. A partner lies and he says his work visa is all in order. He has to leave the country two months later because he was stuck working on a tourist visa, which makes him deported. B partner suddenly loaded with all the rent The noisy one

Example 1 :. A nasty roommate not see the problem with Skyping his girlfriend in America between the hours of 2 am and 7 am, every working day in the partner outside the door B. also laughs loudly and read aloud

Example 2 :. A partner woke up at night because Fellow B has often drunk screaming fights with her boyfriend at 5am. His tantrums generally involve kicks and throw things, while the groom sits outside her room, crying and knocking at the door Irresponsible

Example 1 :. A partner allows execution of electricity out whenever his turn to pay. The worst time is in mid-summer when it's 40 degrees. B partner feel and fuming inside and outside

Example 2 :. A roommate does not mind showering in cold water in summer, so you do not pay the bill for hot water. Hot water runs out while partner B is washing a ton of hair conditioner. Partner B has oily hair for a week

Example 3 :. A drunk partner comes home late at night and falls on a wall, making a hole shaped face quite ugly inexpensive <. p> Example 1: cheapskate partner a question to divide the extra 40 Mao on an Internet bill RMB 165.40

Example 2 :. a Companion always uses the last of the butter and bread. She purchases milk once and requires RMB 8 partner B

Example 3 :. A partner comes home from work to find partner B and C partner clings to the throat of the other, that partner B decided to get up and leave without finding a replacement and still wants your deposit.

do you recognize any of the above scenarios? Have you had any nightmare partners in China? Tell us about them in the comments section!


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