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Beijing: The fundamental role of education is to cultivate virtues. For Chinese President Xi Jinping, reaching the hearts and minds of young students is especially important, not only as the best leader in the country, but also as an ancient educator.

For six years In the 1990s, when he was head of Fuzhou's party in the Province of Fujian, East China, Xi was also the director of a local school, Minjiang Polytechnic College. Today it is known by a different name, the University of Minjiang, but the legacy of the XI, the leading principle of moral education, remains.

Chen Qigan, former secretary of the Assistant Party of the Polytechnic, recalled that during the mandate of him, XI was dedicated to improving the school's education and infrastructure system. He said the development of XI prioritized parties and ideological and political work as one of the four main tasks.

"" It is necessary to cultivate talent with the correct ideals, healthy personalities and a strong sense of social responsibility. In this way, they can contribute to society, "said Chen, Xi had once said.

This culture of sound values ​​in the younger generation, was, according to XI, as "the first button" of a sack. "Like buttoning a coat, if the first button is fixed incorrectly, all the other buttons will be wrong," he said once.

Since the elevation of him to the Chinese President, XI has personally chaired the meetings, visited universities and schools throughout the country, written letters, were seated in the lessons and talked with the students. The guiding principle of education under him is now taught throughout the country.

Five years ago, at an education conference, XI underlined the meaning of moral education, and this ideological and political work must be the basis on which the entire educational system is constructed.

"Teachers are the key to developing these courses," said XI. "The teachers of political philosophy should help their students sow the seeds of the truth, the good and the beautiful, and help them hold their first buttons."


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