Details emerge of woman chained in hut
Physicians interact with Xiao in the hospital. [Screen Screen News Application / CCTV]

Authorities in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, on Monday he published details of an investigation that involves a woman with eight children who had found chains in a hut. They said that human trafficking was not involved.

The woman, known for the surname Xiao before she changed it to Yang, has been sent to a hospital.

A video of Xiao, wearing thin clothes and an iron chain around her neck confining it to a dilapidated hut, first appeared on Chinese social networks on January 28. He went viral during the Chinese New Year. The police confirmed that she had been reported disappeared in the province of Yunnan.

According to the authorities, she was observed with abnormal speech and behavior in 1996 when she returned to her hometown. Another woman, Sang, who lived in the same people, took her to Jiangsu to receive treatment, promising Xiao's mother, she would seek a good husband for her.

However, Xiao was lost when they came to Jiangsu. Donghai County, and Sang never reported the matter to the police or informed the relatives of women, the authorities said.

The police confirmed that Xiao and a man of surname Dong are the biological parents of eight children. A prior notice issued by the local authorities said that the couple got married in 1998. The villagers and family told Xiao to beat the children of it and older people during the fighting with mental illness.

The police are now investigating Sang and Dong.


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