FAQs on China's sequential immunization policy

People totally vaccinated in China can now choose to receive a different opportunity from its original inoculation as a reinforcement in a process called sequential immunization.

Here are some important details you should know about sequential reinforcement immunization. . A medical worker administers a dose of the recombinant vaccine Covid-19 (vector adenovirus type 5) to a resident in a temporary vaccination site in the Haidian district of Beijing, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua]

1. What is sequential immunization?

Sequential immunization is a vaccination strategy that uses different types of original and reinforcing vaccines.

2. Who can get a sequential Covid-19 reinforcement shot?

- for 18 years;

- Completely vaccinated with inactivated vaccines produced by Sinovac, SinopoM Beijing or Sinoparm Wuhan;

- At least 6 months have been approved since a second dose has been inoculated.

3. What are the vaccine options for a sequential reinforcement shot?

Those eligible can choose between a VACID-19 protein subunit conducted by Anhui Zhifei Lingcom Biopharmaceutical and a viral vector vaccine developed by biological tired.

4. What are the advantages of sequential immunization? \ Prevention of people at risk of side effects for a particular type of vaccine that is reversed again.

Compare with a homologous reinforcement vaccination strategy, sequential immunization can improve the amplitude, strength, durability and functionality of the immune response.

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