Across China: China's small commodity hub keeps up with changes to create trade boom

Hangzhou, April 16 (Xinhua) - "This crystal clock looks so good, how much is it?" Kauthar Ding asked a store owner at Yiwu's international commercial market in Zhejiang province.

After discovering the price, he used his smartphone to transmit the information to a thousand client. miles away. "They are 115 yuan (around $ 18, 6 years old)," he said in Arabic.

The Palestinian merchant shook his head. "It's a bit expensive," he said, and Ding moved to the next cabin.

Yiwu, China's small commodity center, is widely known as the world supermarket. This practice has become a common place for those who work on foreign trade from the BROTE of Covid-19.

"We used to accompany our foreign customers to order goods in person, but now we have to observe and describe the products in detail for them. Sometimes we also order for They, "he said.

Despite being in China, the 24- Neighter is living basically in a Palestinian time zone, six hours behind the local time.

Small products from China have challenged such inconveniences and high shipping rates, which shows popular among global traders, ding said.

After a virtual tour of several stores, the Palestinian Ding customer ordered half a glass craft container.

Changes occur, but the determination of Yiwu entrepreneurs to develop new products and explore new markets remains strong.

Wang Xu Xue of the Miaomiao Toy Company Further found the best selling in your store, have changed from Chanchels and Hats for Children to Interactive Toys, such as " Dance cactus ", which can store hundreds of songs and repeat what people say.

"Maritime shipping fees remained high in the last two years, if we still do the same products, we can not survive," Wang said.

Fortunately, Wang noticed the growing demand for interactive toys in the markets abroad and took his team to his team to expand even more. This resulted in a 10 percent sales growth for the company last year.

"For these fashionable toys, my clients are even willing to use air transport, which was rare for stuffed toys," Wang said, adding that , although air freight has increased from approximately 35 yuan at 50 yuan per kilo, about 3,000 fashionable toys are still sold daily.

As for Chen Fangfang, it sells textiles at home in the market, innovation is the greatest asset of it. She believes that although different countries have specific preferences for home textiles, new quality products will always be on demand.

"From the fabric to the pattern, we update our products every week to meet customers of NG customers needs," said Chen. The billing of the company of it exceeded 100 million yuan in 2021, marking a considerable growth compared to a previous year.

Demonstrating vitality and resilience, Yiwu's foreign trade has given good results in the shadow of Covid-19.

According to customs statistics, in January and February of this year, the total amount of imports and exports of Yiwu reached 73.76 billion yuan, with one year. -In growth of the year of 47.8 percent.

Chen has established a goal for the home textile company this year to enter five new overseas markets, such as Poland.

"It's about being proactive, looking for more opportunities and resources that adapt to our position, and stick to our strategy and objectives," Chen summarized. EndItem

Hangzhou  Zhejiang 

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