Renewing Visas, Residence Permits During China’s Coronavirus Epidemic

With schools still closed off and the remaining companies, life is something of a stalemate throughout China at this time. But as the days in the tower of the calendar ticking by, what they should do expatriates when they have to renew visas and residence permits during the epidemic of the coronavirus of China

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renewing your visa during the outbreak of coronavirus Chinese

in theory, the renewal process for all types of visas China remains the same, but input-output offices across the country are implementing special measures to rationalize and showing leniency in these unique times.

foreigners in China seeking to renew their work permits will still have a copy of your passport, a new employment contract, your existing residence permit card and blue work permit. The difference now is that some of the major cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhejiang, do not require the documents to be submitted to the labor office in person. Instead, employers can submit copies online along with a sealed letter stating that the information is accurate and the documents are authentic. This aerodynamic shape of the renewal takes only 3-5 days to process, after which the QR code on your existing work permit will be linked to your updated information. This service can be used right up until the day before their work permit expires.

Those in China the student, tourist or business visa can apply in person at the Bureau of Entry and Exit of extensions of 30 days. Such extensions have always been available, but apparently are particularly easy to obtain at the time.

Finally, it is expected that widespread indulgence for those whose visas expired during this period of interruption. The sanctions will probably light or discarded altogether, depending on the circumstances. That said, having the correct documentation in hand is the only way to guarantee that you will not face punishment, so do everything possible to get their affairs in order.

The renewal of their residence permit during the outbreak of coronavirus China

Offices input-output via China should be open as normal, with the exception of Wuhan, Of course. You need residence permits to be renewed in person, as usual, but you can request an extension of one month if you need time to get their affairs in order because of travel restrictions related to coronavirus. Again, the authorities have indicated that they will be lenient with those who have not been able to renew itself in time.

Foreigners whose permit expires residence abroad can enter China with a different visa such as a tourist visa, and change to a residence permit once inside the country (provided they have valid work permit).

-country wide variations

As is typical of China, different tips and procedures can be found throughout the country, so it is always best to consult the information released by the local authorities. For example, Beijing has asked all foreigners to contain the submission of applications for visa and residence permit in person for non-urgent cases. Those with urgent cases are asked to make appointments in advance. In Shenzhen, meanwhile, green channels have been opened for expedited processing for urgent orders. Some cities are also allowing temporary residence registration online for those returning to China, mitigating the need to go on record in the local police station, as usual.

Zhejiang,  Beijing,  Guangzhou,  Shenzhen,  Shanghai, 

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