Full text of Xi Jinping's letter to senior professors at the University of Science and Technology Beijing

Beijing, April 22 (Xinhua) - The following is the full text of the letter from Xi Jinping to Senior Teacors at the University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Dear teachers,

Greetings! I received your letter. The University of Science and Technology of Beijing (USTB) has made great contributions to the development of the China steel industry since it was founded. The USTB celebrates its 70th anniversary, and on that occasion, I would like to extend the warm congratulations and the cordial greetings to you, as well as all students, faculty members and alumni of the university.

The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation urgently needs a large number of talented people with moral integrity and professional competence. I hope you make the spirit of a rigorous investigation and dedicated teaching, take full advantage of the unique characteristics of your school, strive for excellence and foster high caliber talent with high ideals, professional competence and a strong will to serve the country , who remain faithful to the party. In this way, the USTB can make greater contributions to the innovative, green and low carbon development of the steel industry and initiatives to convert China into a science, technology and manufacturing leader.

with respect to

xi jinping

April 21, 2022



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