China stresses need to curb malicious IPR-related prosecutions

Beijing: China will decompose in the malicious processes related to intellectual property rights, a senior official of the National Intellectual Property Administration of China (NIPA) said on Friday.

Malicious processes interfere with the normal operations of the Intellectual Property Rights System, damaged public interests and national administrative resource waste, said Nipa Shen Changyu chief in the High Level Forum 2022 About IP protection from China.

He emphasized the need to decentrate and regulate malicious processing and promote balanced protection on the IPR.

Balanced protection means maintaining the balance between the strict protection of the DIP and the prevention of DIP abuse and the balance between promoting innovation and protecting public social interests.

He Xiaorong, Vice President of the Supreme People's Tribunal, promised the forum to make efforts to build a healthy, orderly and fair environment for the protection of the IPR.


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