Feature: Door-to-door pet service thriving in China

Chongqing, April 28 (Xinhua) -In Zhong Ze'an, a 32-year-old migrant worker in Beijing, went to her hometown to celebrate the spring festival, He needed to help his pet to calm down.

The distance to his hometown in the province of Jiangxi de China this is approximately 1,400 km, too far for Zhong to bring his cat with his cat with the. Asking someone to take care of him was his only option.

instead of sending the small creature to the pet store that took dozens of Yuan every day, Zhong found a cheaper option, a door service to Puerta to door.

The service provider would come to his house once every few days, feeding his pet and cleaning later. Each service costs 70 yuan (around 10.7 US dollars), said Zhong.

In addition to saving money, his cat has also benefited from the service. Staying at home in a family environment minimizes stress for the feline.

Since 2018, Zhong has used this service three times, and had no concern for letting strangers in theirs room. "The business is based on trust, and people who love pets are decent," said Zhong, who leaves their keys for a stranger every time.

Data from 2021 The White Paper on China's pet industry shows that the number of cats and pet dogs in urban areas in China exceeded 100 million In 2021, and the industry market reached 249 billion yuan in size.

As the market has expanded, providing door -to -door pet services has become a profession for many.

Chen XI, a financial freelancer and a pet guardian in Beijing, saw the niche when he was in need.

"Once I left my cat in my friend's house during a business trip. You can't adapt to the new environment, my cat won diarrhea. I realized that the care of door to door could be a necessity, "said Chen, who opened an online store on the Taobao electronic commerce platform.

Most of their customers are I AG white collar workers and are often on business trips or vacations. The price for each service is normally within 100 yuan and varies according to the distance and the number of pets.

Offering door -to -door pet services, Chen has won around 20,000 yuan in total since 2020, a good income for part -time work. Orders increased abruptly during the Spring Festival 2022. "I went to eight or nine houses every day to feed their pets," Chen recalled.

Unlike Zhong's unconditional faith in pet lovers, there are still many consumers worried about security, whether the security of their property, or in fact Your pets.

To relieve his concerns, Chen records videos of the service process and sends them to consumers, and also performs video calls to pet owners during the service.

Some service providers even have professional Alipay certifications. Another part -time service provider, Zhao Xintong, recently acquired the certification, which can be shown in Xianyu, a consumer market for consumer turned from Taobao from Alibaba.

"The The The The The Certification will improve my credit rating, which will beat me more customers," said Zhao, who now has 15 regular customers.

Chen has great faith in this incipient business. "I hope that door -to -door pet care services can be more regulated in the future to better meet market demand." ENITEM

Beijing,  Chongqing, 

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