Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) validated the Covered Covid -19 Vaccine developed by Chinese developer Cansino Biologics for emergency use, which makes it the third Chinese vaccine after SINOPHARM and Syovac that It was certified by the WHO emergency use list (EUL).

WHO said in a statement that the evaluation of the Clenecia was "based on the review of data on quality, safety, efficacy, a risk management plan, programmatic suitability and inspection of the manufacturing site carried out by Who. The benefits of the vaccine far exceed the risks, "according to the statement.

Convidecia, administered as a unique dose, "is based on a modified human adenovirus that expresses the Sars-Cov-2 spike protein," the virus behind COVID-19. It was discovered that the vaccine had an efficacy of 64 percent against symptomatic disease and 92 percent against severe COVID-19.

Convidecia has also been reviewed by the WHO's Strategic Immunization Experts (Sage) Expert Group, which formulates vaccines. -Police and specific recommendations for the use of vaccines in populations. The Sage recommends the use of convidecia as a unique dose of 0.5 milliliters in all age groups of 18 years and more. The detailed recommendations on the use of the vaccine will be launched soon.

WHO Validated the Vaccines but SINOPHARM and SYOVAC COVID-19 of the WHO last year.

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