Beijing, June 8 (Xinhua) - The next is a summary of the published news of science and technology in China.

5g patents

China has almost 40 percent of the standard essential patents for 5g technology , remaining at the top of the world classification.

More than 210,000 standard essential patents for 5G are declared worldwide worldwide, which involves almost 47,000 patent families. China has declared 18,728 patent families, representing 39.9 percent of the total world, followed by the United States with 34.6 percent and the Republic of Korea with 9.2 percent.

A patent family is a collection of patent applications that cover the same technical or similar content.

Ecological protection

Chinese researchers have achieved new progress in the projection of the air temperature of the surface and precipitation of the Qilian mountains, a key ecological barrier in western China.

The last study indicates the perspectives of the mountains of the Middle East of Qilian to experience drought conditions in future warm seasons. The study could be a reference to guarantee a stable ecological system and maintain the socioeconomic development of the region.

Alpine line line in Himalay 30 -meter resolution satellite tree to map the rank limit of the trees in a length of 2,400 meters along the Himalayas, which houses one of the richest alpine endemic flora in the world.

The thermal tree line is the potential upper range limit established by the temperatures of the growth season. It is widely considered as an indicator and a record carrier of rapid climate warming in areas at high altitude. ENITEM


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