Ancient plinths discovered in China's Hebei

Shijiazhuang, June 10 (Xinhua) - The archaeologists recently unearthed three large sockets with an exquisite engraving in a historic site in Linzhang County, the province of Hebei of the north of China .

Yecheng's historical site was once the capital of several old dynasties ranging from 220 AD to 581 d. Loto -shaped sockets are very important for the study of ancient buildings, which had reflected social and cultural changes. It is also of great academic value to understand the concept of construction, structural design and construction technology of large palaces buildings in the north of the North Dinasties (439-581), "said Sun Tianshun, of the archaeological team.

before this period, the size and shape of the sockets were once relatively simple. However, influenced by Buddhist art, architecture and Buddhist art began to merge, And the Buddhist lotus patterns combined, which was confirmed by the careless Loto sockets, according to Sun. Enitem

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