In the images: the increase and fall of a prime minister
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    Boris Johnson has resigned as leader of the conservative party, less than three years of three years After the first years after the years later they to the electoral victory. He will remain as prime minister in a caretaker capacity until his replacement was chosen. Here we draw his ascent and fall in the images.

    Image source, CouttersTockimage, Boris Johnson was born on June 19, 1964 in New York, and his family moved many times during his childhood. He went to Eton College. Image source, Getty Imageimage, he went to the University of Oxford, where he was president of the Oxford Union. He is also where he met his first wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen. They divorced in 1993. Image source, photo of Neville Elder / Corbis through Getty Imagesimage Titterion, his first career was as a journalist. He worked for the Daily Telegraph, and finally became editor of Spectator magazine. Image Fountain, Eleanor Bentall / Corbis through Getty Imageimage, an extravagant character, appeared in the program have I Get News for You of the BBC, and I was taught to be taught to dance by television presenter Ulrika Jonsson. Image Source, David Sandison / The Independent / Shutterstockimage Stittice, had always taken care of political ambitions, and in 2001 he was chosen as the conservative deputy of Henley.image source, shutterstockimage, cottuality, his style was often the style of his style It was unconventional. In 2003, he went to the Thames river in a coracle, to help Save the Children. Image source, Rebecca Naden / Pa Mediasimage, known for throwing whatever it was before him, was photographed the German midfielder from Rugby Maurizio Gaudino during a charity football match at the Madejski stadium in Reading. Image Source, Anthony Devlin / Pa Mediaimage Titterction, in 2008, he was the conservative candidate for the mayor of London. He margins and is shown here being congratulated by the then leader of the conservative party David Cameron on his night of his electoral victory. They had four children and divorced in 2020. Image source, Barcroft Media / Getty Imagesimage, London's successful offer to organize the Olympic Games in 2012 provided more photo opportunities. , where he knocked down a 10 -year -old boy while playing Rugby Touch. Image source, Jonathan Brady / Pa Mediaimage, an enthusiastic cyclist, his time as mayor also saw the introduction of a public bicycle rental scheme and cycle superch in London. Image source, Chris Radburn / Pa Mediaimage, Mr. Johnson returned to national politics, winning a seat in Parliament in the 2015 general elections under the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron, but also continued as mayor of London until 2016. Rousseau / pa Mediaimage Leytion, was pushed to the Center for Attention in the 2016 EU referendum, when he and Michael Gov campaigned for the United Kingdom to leave the image source of the European Union, Oli Scarff / Getty Im AGESIMAGE title, the voting campaign won the referendum. Image source, Leon Neal / Affimage Stittice, Cameron retired as a prime minister the next day, but Johnson confused expectations when he announced that he would not stand to happen. LEON NEAL / AFPIMAGE LETIION, Theresa May became Prime Minister and appointed Mr. Johnson for the position of Foreign Secretary. In 2017. The following year he resigned from the Cabinet in protest in M

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