Beijing, July 29 (Xinhua) - China will adopt a series of measures to further strengthen demand, to promote effective investment and increase consumption, according to a decision made in the Council of State Executive Meeting chaired by Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Friday.

The meeting stressed the imperative of guaranteeing an effective covid response, economic stability and development security, and taking advantage of the current crucial time until the current crucial moment The recovery and maintain the main economic indicators within an adequate range for the whole year. The employment and stability of prices are of vital importance to maintain stable economic performance. Multiple measures will be taken to increase effective demand.

"We must completely take advantage of the key factor of effective investment to generate physical profits as quickly as possible. The third third. Quarter is a high season for construction projects, Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the impulse of the economic rebound, "Li said. "We should better use special use bonds and financial instruments based on development and development -oriented, and the coordination mechanism on effective investment for important projects must continue to operate high efficiency."

The key role in effective investment in the impulse of economic recovery and growth must be used. The effectiveness must be underlined to make investments. It is essential to take quick and decisive actions and avoid missing opportunities while moving away from the mass stimulus and a convenient approach.

Projects under the budget investment of the central government will accelerate, accelerate, and local governments are urged to accelerate the use of special use bonds. Development -based financial instruments will be used with good effect in a market -oriented manner.

The projects they support must be consistent with the 14th five -The year plan and deliver immediate and long -term benefits. The investment will mainly be directed to infrastructure projects that include transport, energy, logistics, agriculture, rural areas and new infrastructure. The funds will not be used for the land reserve or to replace local public finances.

The chosen projects must have mature conditions, be profitable and deliver results as quickly as possible. The development of competitive industries must be completely based on the market.

The coordination mechanism in effective investment for main projects should continue to operate efficiently. The competent departments exercise rapid review and will be reviewed parallel to accelerate approvals for land use, energy consumption and environmental evaluation in accordance with related laws and regulations, to generate more physical gains as quickly as possible in the Third quarter while guaranteeing the quality project.

"Consumption should still be the main driver to stabilize growth. The new round of outbreaks has affected consumption and has caused a fairly large decrease. The second Half of the year, we still need to do everything possible to stimulate consumption, starting from large tickets for large tickets, "Li said.

The meeting emphasized the meeting of the meeting. You need to maintain consumption as the main promoter of growth. With the exception of some regions, localities with cars purchase restrictions should increase new plate fees and relieve eligibility requirements for Step by step cars buyers. Bottle necks in the circulation of used cars must be eliminated, and the tax exemption policy for new energy vehicles will be extended. needs and the need to improve housing conditions. Public relations will be encouraged

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