Government Announces Special Measures for Entry of Foreigners During Epidemic

The Chinese government has announced some special measures to ease the bureaucratic burden on foreigners entering and leaving China during the outbreak of coronavirus. The new rules, published by the State Administration of Immigration at the weekend, in order to restore some kind of normality for foreign industries, companies and commerce in China and reduce to the minimum the risk of new infections.

Following the announcement last week that all foreigners who come and ao in China "for Innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research" help fight the virus will have their residence permit automatically extended by two months if expire during the epidemic period, courtesy has been extended to all foreigners. Regardless of what is in China for the extension will be issued automatically and without processing.

Foreigners who need to leave China temporarily to engage in trade, research or academic activities but have exceeded the number of retries in China allowed on your visa may also apply for visas reentry prior to back to China. Those whose residence permit expires while away can apply for a visa at its input port using the expired permit.

Those who come to China to help combat the fight against good coronavirus also see the entry and exit permits processed in a record 24 hours, while those who need to come to China for what has called "investment issues, commercial or urgent business" can apply for a visa or permit temporary entry into its port of entry, provided they have a letter of invitation from the host institution. In any case, if no visa authority at the port of entry, immigration services must provide a" target="_BLANK">temporary entry permit, which must be exchanged for the visa / residence right in an "opportune time" once in China.

Meanwhile, service windows input-output will be reopened in the cities of low risk and gradually restored in areas of medium risk, while such services in high-risk areas will be reserved only for emergencies. Foreigners can now make applications for visas and residence permits and register their addresses online through China.

priority Finally, those who make contributions to help the epidemic also be given if requested permanent residence status in China. Therefore the development of a vaccine for coronavirus and Chinese green card can not be so unattainable after all!

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