2nd International Wheat Congress kicks off in Beijing
The Second International Wheat Congress begins Monday night in Beijing. [Photo provided to Chinadily.com.cn]

The Second International Wheat Congress began Monday night in Beijing, with the resistance and sustainability of the future wheat.

Congress, which lasts until Thursday, on Thursday, will discuss six main problems, including germplasm resources, structural genomics of wheat, new technologies, crop management in climate change, resistance Biotics and abiotic and human health.

attended by 900 scientists and academics online and offline from 67 countries, Congress aims to build a platform to share the most recent information about the global corn wheat condition and future Trigo scientific research.

Wu Weihua, vice president of the Permanent Committee of the National People El Congress and an academic of the Academy of Sciences of China, delivered a speech during the Congress's opening ceremony.

The economic recession due to Covid-19 pandemic, regional conflicts and climatic extremes have raised Grim Chastgia to global food security, Wu said.


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